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Once Upon Again!

As the show returns for a seventh season, Gaming Editor Roshni Patel offers us a glipse into the new series of Once Upon a Time - but is it just a rehash of the pilot?

Its autumn and once again, the beginning of yet another series of Once Upon A Time. I know, shocking. After the brilliant finale moment, where everyone got their happy endings and were about to begin living happily ever after, writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz just had to add in that little scene to remind you that they did indeed get renewed for another season. And while the finale did also feature that out of place scene where adult Henry Mill’s (Andrew J. West, Greek) curse took effect, the penultimate scene of the finale wrapped up all the Storybrooke ending so well, this new series feels unwarranted.

The penultimate scene of the finale wrapped up all the Storybrooke ending so well, this new series feels unwarranted
Regardless, when Netflix updated and featured the latest episode, I diligently watched it, in the hopes it would prove me wrong. But alas, I was expectedly disappointed, and the first episode, with various character and plot tweaks, echoed the series premiere hauntingly. Once again, we meet an adult who doesn’t believe, confronted by their own child, who’s linked back to an evil (grand)-mother figure, and the rest of the plot is clichéd history. So, as you may have guessed, Henry fell for Cinderella (Dania Ramirez, Heroes), and her evil step-mother, Victoria Belfry (Gabrielle Anwar, The Tudors), currently seems like the one awake causing terror, while all our remaining favourites, are trapped beneath a new curse. In a new neighbourhood, where Regina (Lana Parrilla, 24) is now Roni; a barkeeper, Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue, The Rite) is now officer Rogers; a beat cop and Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle, Trainspotting) is now Detective Weaver; a dark detective, who is just as evil and scheming as before. Combined with a host of new characters, such as evil step-daughter Drizella (Adelaide Kane, Reign) and kooky and cunning Alice (Rose Reynolds, Poldark), the new cast attempts to bring intrigue into the old. But after the final battle, anything after feels like ABC desperately trying to hold on to viewers who could be better entertained elsewhere, as fact they clearly know as they relegated the show from Sunday evening primetime to the TV graveyard slot of Friday nights.

Heralded as a soft reboot to the series, the show attempts to rekindle the magic of the very first episode, but with last season’s numbers dropping below 5 million, is there any hope for the show now? And though the story may have moved from Maine to Seattle, many of the series regulars, such as Emma (Jennifer Morrison, House), Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin, Law and Order), Charming (Josh Dallas, Thor) and Belle (Emilie de Ravin, Roswell), did not, opting to leave the show entirely and tentatively committing to make the odd guest appearance if necessary. For die-hard fans this is heart-breaking, as we know this’ll mean the end of Captain Swan (As O’Donoghue stayed on but Morrison was the first to leave), but we’ll probably stay to see where this goes, all the while fearing that once again Kitsis and Horowitz will butcher some Disney stories in order to keep the show alive for a little longer.

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11th November 2017 at 12:30 pm

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