News’ Rebekah Quixano Henriques and Conrad Duncan report on an incident yesterday, where a man was detained and searched at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Images by Tony Hisgett

The suspect was searched in an area away from the main hospital building and was not arrested

Police officers detained and searched a 46-year-old man at Queen Elizabeth Hospital after reports of a man acting suspiciously on the evening of the 25th May. For a period of time of around 50 minutes, access to some of the hospital was restricted as a precautionary measure while checks were completed. The suspect was searched in an area away from the main hospital building and was not arrested. After the incident was resolved, work at the hospital returned to normal.

A first year UoB student nurse said that the event was ‘so scary’, adding that ‘there were armed police guarding every door… they found the guy on the floor above mine, in the old part [of the hospital].’ However, Redbrick is keen to point out that this report of the incident has not been confirmed by either West Midlands Police or Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

A spokesperson from West Midlands Police said:

‘Police were called to Queen Elizabeth Hospital at 6.20pm today (Thursday 25 May) following reports of a man acting suspiciously… 

The man has not been arrested and the call to police by security staff was made in good faith. We thank the guards for their vigilance and for acting on their concerns.

We continue to ask for people to remain alert and report suspicious behaviour to us on 101 or via the confidential Anti-terrorism Hotline 0800 789 321.’

Confusion around the event led to speculation on social media with unconfirmed reports saying that the scene outside the hospital was chaotic, with helicopters and police cars present. Reports also claimed that pedestrians were being prevented from crossing the area and that nurses and ambulances were also spotted outside, attending to patients.