Hosted by the Policy, Politics and Economics (PPE) students, representatives of each party are invited to speak to enable students to gain a deeper insight into each political party, leading up to the 2015 general election.

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On Thursday 26th February, John Blewitt, Chair of the Malvern Green Party, visited the University of Birmingham and gave a speech outlining the main policies of the Green Party and answered audience questions.

Blewitt’s main aim was to change preconceived and outdated ideas about the Green Party. He emphasised the parties concern with more than just environmental factors.

A full record of the discussions can be found on Redbrick, via the live blog.

After the event, the Chair of the Green Party spoke to Redbrick. Blewitt said, he found the debate ‘really good’ because of the ‘well informed’ questions from the student audience. However, he did add that they were also rather ‘challenging’. He was delighted at the level of interest in the Green Party policies shown by the University of Birmingham students.

Blewitt said that he felt that the Green Party offered a widespread appeal to the electorate. Polls and surveys show Green policies are popular among the electorate, across all age groups. The rise in Green membership, now ahead of UKIP and Liberal Democrat membership, is because of broad values and perception of the Party.

The Chair of the Green Party called for proportional representation to reflect people’s votes more accurately, which could also occur through more devolution to regions. Democratic accountability would increase with an elected second chamber.

Even though Blewitt was informing the audience about the Green party, he said that people should vote how they believe. People should not vote tactically because they will end up with ‘something you didn’t want anyway’. He continued, ‘People voted Liberal Democrat to tactically avoid a Conservative government and have ended up with a Conservative-led coalition. It is better to register your vote nationally to be heard, rather than tactically vote for a Party that does not represent your views.’

'People should not vote tactically because they will end up with something you didn't want anyway'

The next PPE student-led debate is on Thursday 15th March with Steven Brookes from UKIP at Room 417 Muirhead Tower from 17:30.