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Preview: Florence and the Machine

Now an established international sensation, Music Writer Kieren Williams tells us why Florence Welch and her band's return to the UK is unmissable

Rolling off of a summer of headlining festivals and smashing performances at every turn, Florence & the Machine are steaming from America across the pond to the UK to continue their live tour. A true tour de force, their live concerts are Woodstock-esque in its prime, the crowd moving as one to Florence’s amazing, powerful voice and the band’s perfect artistry. Their iconic indie/orchestral rock sound has led them to number ones across the world, which is where their tour takes them, from America to Britain, over to Australia and then back to Europe, with ten stops alone in the UK. Their live concerts are not something to be missed as their sound translates perfectly to the stage.

Their live concerts are not something to be missed as their sound translates perfectly to the stage
This year saw the release of their fourth studio album, High as Hope. This album is a change from their previous work; with Florence as the executive producer, it favoured a more stripped back production, a rawer take. The lyrics were more personal and unabashed, but it was just as good an album in every way. Songs like ‘Hunger’ get the crowd going just as much as ‘Dog Days are Over’, but it’s as personal and emotional as ‘St Jude’ in places as well, if not more so. The band only seem to keep going from strength to strength, only improving with time as their sound continually improves from Lungs to Ceremonials to How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful and up to High as Hope. Now, something akin to veterans in the music business, the band have perfected their sound, found their lane and own all of the above fantastically. Not seeing them live would be a crime for anyone who claims to be a fan, and for those who don’t think themselves fans, it would certainly convert you.

'High as Hope' is available now via Virgin EMI Records. Florence and the Machine tours UK commencing November 15. Tickets are available here.

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