Deputy Editor Issy Campbell takes a look at the line up for what could be Kurupt FM’s last ever tour

Written by Issy Campbell
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For many fans of People Just Do Nothing, the show coming to an end is not just one blow, but two, as it also means the end of Kurupt FM. Taking to Twitter the boys announced that as the show will be coming to an end, they will tour together for the very last time… probably. Having finished their official leg of the tour yesterday, there is now only a week left before they take over the stage at Store Street, for their final show and they are making sure it’s not one to forget.

...they are going to make sure it's not one to forget

With Ghetts, Oneman b2b DJ Slimzee covering grime and dubstep whilst David Rodigan and of course DJ Decoy (aka Dan Rankin) will be show casing their dancehall anthems. Adding to these names is Sir Spyro, someone who I’m sure will be a familiar face to those in the crowd. With all the names having experience in pirate radio, especially RinseFM, Kurupt FM are proving that behind their mockumentary is a real world with real talent. Tickets are still available here, and it’s definitely a must for any fan of grime, rap or hip-hop, as well as the boys and their show.

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