With the current generation coming close to its end and Sony announcing the discontinuation of the PS4, Gaming writer Imogen Mellor talks about the PS4 and the impact it has done to the industry

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It is coming to the point where have to prepare to say some farewells to the beloved PlayStation 4 (PS4), as it is revealed that it is coming to the senior years of its life cycle. Originally released in 2013, the console beat every other competitor it had, destroying the XBox One sales reportedly 2:1 and unsurprisingly hurting the already low sales of the Nintendo Wii U. PlayStation’s CEO John Kodera has confirmed that the next generation of the product is at least 3 years away, but they are winding down development of the hardware, and focusing on the software and online community.

Microsoft must be secretly gearing up for their next generation product too

It is unsurprising that this conversation about the next generation of PlayStation has come so early on, with a replacement possibly 3 years away, when you look at the PS3 to 4 transition. Less than two years after the PS3 was released, were Sony working on their next product, as the XBox 360 had beat them to the punch in that generation of sales. They strived to make sure that that didn’t happen again and looking at the way the PS4 has succeeded against the XBox One, it means that Microsoft must be secretly gearing up for their next generation product too.

The PS4 has a had a long and steady life with various iterations of the main console, from the original PS4 to the newer PS4 Pro, which expands the product to have better graphics for the games that want to wow players, i.e. God of War. From now on however, Sony will be focusing on the maintenance of PSN, PlayStation exclusive games, online community and PlayStation Plus, which will surely be transitioning to the next platform as always.

Many questions will arise in the coming years about the PlayStation’s next form. What’s the products name? Why should we spend our money on it? Will it be the success that the PS4 is? What we do know is that there are PS4 players around the world with countless hours of entertainment and I think I speak for gamers everywhere, when I say we collectively look forward to what Sony brings to the table next.