PUBG enthusiast Samuel Willetts rounds up the latest news about PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, as they announce their long campaign mode.

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Images by Bluehole Inc

There seems to be no stopping the PUBG Corp. in its pursuit to have PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds remain at the forefront of the battle royale genre, despite steadily declining player counts. Not long after the release of its wildly successful and surprisingly good mobile version of Battlegrounds (Android, iOS), the developers have today teased the surprise upcoming addition of a Campaign Mode via the game’s official Twitter page.


The trailer is entirely pre-rendered. In the trailer, a male voiceover can be heard as the camera slowly zooms in on a shadowy figure faced away from the camera. “You just have to fight for yourself; no one’s going to save you,” the voice says before the figure turns to face the camera and reveals themselves to be the speaker and PlayerUnknown, dressed in the same PlayerUnknown’s attire seen in the Battlegrounds game. The trailer concludes with a close-up on PlayerUnknown’s eyes as he asks the question, “That’s just life, right?”

Whilst not much can be drawn from this trailer, other than the reference to the film and the game genre’s namesake Battle Royale through PlayerUnknown’s dialogue, Bluehole Inc promises more details in the near future.


Editor’s Note: anyone reading this article after April 1st should take note of the date of publication before trusting this article as a reliable source of information