With a performance at 2000 Trees on the horizon, Naomi Penn chats with Boston Manor about the festival, musical growth and their upcoming record

Written by Naomi Penn
English student, music lover
Images by Kerang

Only a short two years after the release of their hugely successful debut studio album, Be Nothing, Boston Manor have been hitting up the UK festival scene in the lead up to their new album in September. I interviewed lead singer Henry Cox to find out what we can expect from their sophomore effort, their experiences on the road and their trajectory as a band.

You’ve played 2000 Trees before; how does it compare to larger festivals, such as Download, where you played earlier this month?

The cool thing about 2000 Trees is that it’s like a miniature version of something like Reading and Leeds. At its core, it’s a rock festival but there’s such an amazing array of music on display. Also, they’ve always been good at showing new talent; go there knowing no one and I can guarantee you’ll find your new favourite band.

This new record is definitely a fresh chapter for us

Will you be staying the whole weekend to watch other bands? And, if so, who are you most excited to see?

We’re playing a show with Enter Shikari the day after we play but I think we’ll be headed back to the festival after the show. Turnstile are gonna be sick; our friend Jamie Lenman, who I understand is a bit of a 2000 Trees veteran; and I’m pretty excited to see Ho99o9. I’ve been a fan of them for a while but I’ve never had the chance to catch them live.

Your second studio album, Welcome to The Neighbourhood, is due for release in September. Will we be hearing any tracks from the new album on the set list that we haven’t heard before?

We haven’t figured that one out yet. Perhaps?

Does ‘Halo’ give a good impression of the sound of the new album, or can we expect further surprises?

There’s a lot of surprises on this record. I wouldn’t say that ‘Halo’ necessarily represents the sound of the album. I kinda don’t wanna give away too much but it’s definitely not what people are expecting. I can’t wait for people to hear it.

How do you feel you’ve grown as a band since Here/Now?

To be honest, I think it’s a different band. This new record is definitely a fresh chapter for us, but when I look back now, I realised that we’ve kind of just been figuring out as we go; we were so eager to play shows that we just got straight in the van before really working out what kind of thing we wanted to do. But I think that’s part of being an organic band and developing as musicians. We kind of learned how to write songs in the last couple of years and we haven’t stopped since then. We’ve already written enough material for the third album.

There’s a lot of surprises on this record. I can't wait for people to hear it

You guys spent a lot of last summer in the States. How is the touring experience over there compared to touring the UK?

It’s really different, we love touring the US; crowds over there are really receptive. Equally, it’s such a vast place to tour around, there’s so many different climates and cultures to experience in one country. But there’s nothing like playing shows in your home country. It’s also usually quite a short tour so it’s nice to come home and play shows after a long time away. We’re doing a headline tour in September in the UK and I’m so excited for it.

Boston Manor perform at 2000 Trees Festival on July 12th. Tickets are available here. Boston Manor’s latest album, Welcome to the Neighbourhood, is set for release September 17th, followed by a UK tour. Tickets and pre-orders are available here.