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Redbrick Meets: Knocked Loose

Before they made their Download Festival debut, Naomi Penn spoke to hardcore up-and-comers Knocked Loose about playing the festival, and touring with Every Time I Die

How does it feel to be making your Download debut among such an incredible lineup?

It’s an honour! When you start a hardcore band no one ever expects to play with Ozzy Osborne, so I’m very excited.

Who are you most excited about seeing?

I’m not sure we will be there for the entire fest, although I hope we are. I’d really love to see Alexisonfire.

Your shows are known for being incredibly rowdy in the best way, will you be bringing your heaviest songs to your Download setlist to really show the crowd what you're about?

Heavy is all we really have! Lol. So yes, I hope the crowd’s ready because we’re bringing it.

No one ever expects to play with Ozzy Osborne, so I'm very excited

You've been referred to as one of the biggest bands in hardcore right now, did you ever envision this level of success when you first started the band?

No, not at all. I don’t think any of us did. We’re just trying to take this one step at a time and make the best moves as possible to keep rising and growing our fan base. It’s been an amazing ride so far.

You've toured a lot with Every Time I Die over the last year, do you have any funny tour stories?

We played 67 shows with Every Time I Die just in last year alone! We got to know them very well and have tons of stories. One in particular that stands out to me is the time we got to sit in on a promo video that Andy was filming for an upcoming wrestling match. We got to act like we were helping him fight his opponent and the video got a lot of attention online. It was cool to see both of his worlds collide a little and we also got to help!

I hope the crowd's ready because we're bringing it

You're playing quite a few festivals this summer, how do festival shows compare to headline shows?

They are definitely different, the day is usually more hectic, more people to see, bands to watch, etc. The show itself is usually bigger, with a barricade, shorter set, etc. But they are still fun and always awesome to jump over to that side of things and play in front of a ton of people who normally wouldn’t watch you.


While unclear when the band will start working on new music, for now they continue the European leg of their tour this month.



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