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Redbrick Meets: Natascha Cox

Life&Style editor Zoe Screti talks all things body confidence, fashion and travel with blogger Natascha Cox

As a British blogger who confesses to have ‘a lot to say’ about all things fashion, beauty and travel, Natascha Cox is definitely one to watch. Having recently reached 95,000 followers on social media and an average of 48,000 visitors to her blog each month, it seems as if Natascha’s growing public profile is only set to expand in the months and years to come.

For Natascha, however, success was never something she had anticipated, despite clearly having a winning formula in her blog. “It’s very scary starting out with nothing but a name for your blog,” she said. “Not knowing what reaction you will get from the public is nerve-wracking. It’s such a good feeling when you realise that people are actually following your work!”

Whilst some might attribute Natascha’s success to having the perfect blend of beauty, fashion and lifestyle advice and opinions, Natascha thinks that it is her straight-talking approach which keeps audiences coming back for more. “I just keep it real,” she stated. “I put a lot of my life and my voice in to the way I write.” But her winning formula doesn’t stop there. “I also think that my readers like the fact that I’m not your typical looking blogger. My look is unique and my style is changing continuously,” she explained. We at life and style are definitely keen to see how Natascha’s outfits come together and change according to what she loves at any given moment. It’s this playfulness with fashion and beauty that almost certainly keeps readers hooked.

Natascha also brings an abundance of positive vibes to her blog and has most recently appeared in Look Magazine, spreading some important messages about body positivity. To those who may be struggling to love their appearance, Natascha had the following advice: “It’s easier said than done, but just try to get to a point where you are happy with yourself. Your body is unique so you have to just be at peace with yourself and realise that in the end it’s never what anyone else thinks that matters. You will be so mad with yourself if you get to the end of your life and never really did the things you wanted to because you were too self-conscious.” These are definitely very wise words to live by.

There is a really snobby, elitist attitude amongst editors that seem to think fashion is not as high-end if the model isn’t a stick figure

But, sadly, not everyone is as positive and inspiring as Natascha. When speaking of the media’s attempts to promote positive and realistic body images, Natascha says that there is absolutely more that could be done. “I think online media is great at [promoting positive body images] and brands are really starting to realise that people need to relate to the images they are seeing in order to buy the products so we are moving in the right direction. Unfortunately, print magazines seem to be really lagging behind, especially the really editorial style ones. There is a really snobby, elitist attitude amongst editors that seem to think fashion is not as high-end if the model isn’t a stick figure. It’s disgusting and it needs to change.”

Despite the growing amount of body positivity infiltrating the media, we could all do with a confidence booster every now and again and, for Natascha, the ultimate confidence booster is great feedback. “There is nothing like putting your real self out there and getting back a bunch of positive comments.” A great fashion trend or beauty look can also boost your confidence. At the moment, Natascha is particularly loving velvet. “I have nearly everything in velvet right now” she confessed, “from shoes and bags to trousers and tops. I am also loving metallic nails and am still a big fan of matte lips, especially berry tones.”

Natascha’s blog isn’t all about fashion and beauty, though, with many posts being about travel. “I absolutely love to travel!” Natascha admitted. “I was literally just in Jamaica last week which was amazing! The most beautiful and by far the most amazing place I have ever been though is the Maldives. I went there with the hubs last year and I just can’t describe it. If you ever get the chance, you have to go. It’s ridiculously expensive but worth every penny.” We’re definitely adding ‘visit the Maldives’ to our bucket list!

So, as a successful blogger, what advice did Natascha have for anyone considering starting a blog of their own? “Just do it,” she said, “what’s the worst that could happen? I would say that it takes a lot of hard work and time so be prepared to keep up with the work if it’s something you want to make a living out of.” Whilst blogging might look like a lot of fun, being a professional blogger also requires an awful lot of work behind the scenes.

As the interview drew to a close, we were keen to know what the future held for Natascha and, with the recent festivities in mind, it seemed only natural that we ask about her New Year’s Resolutions. “I need to get fit so that I feel healthier,” she claimed “I am completely paranoid about dying young so it’s about time I started looking after myself properly. I normally go through phases of working out and eating great but I’ve completely neglected myself for the last couple of years.” It’s clear, however, that whatever the coming years hold for Natascha Cox, the future is definitely bright.


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19th January 2017 at 10:00 am