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Redbrick meets…Seafret

Georgie Deaville catches up with Seafret, currently on tour with Kodaline.

It is unusual to see such a jam-packed audience for a support act, especially in a venue like the O2 Academy, but Seafret certainly brought in the crowd. With a name inspired by the north sea winds and the fret on a guitar, the duo made up of Jack Sedman and Harry Draper from Bridlington have just kicked off the tour supporting associated performers and good friends Kodaline. I was invited backstage to catch up with the lads over a bottle of beer and a capful of rum.

Having just come off stage from their mind-blowing set, they described the performance as ‘insane and a lot of fun’.  They were surprised at the size of the crowd, Harry tells me how they got confused and thought were going to play The O2 Institute which is where they previously played with Kodaline. Jack expresses a sense of nostalgia when he tells me how they, as fellow musicians and as friends, watched Kodaline grow into the band they are today. According to Jack, the duo don’t often feel nervous before a show and are more excited than anything; they have a cuddle, a few beers and they’re ready to go. ‘When you walk out and see 3000 people, it’s very humbling’.

Their debut album Tell Me It’s Real is out on the 29th January, something they show a degree of nervousness for. ‘It’s our baby, we could work on it for years and probably would never put it out’, they joke, but admit that having people listen to and enjoy their work is one of the most rewarding parts of making music.

'When you walk out and see 3000 people, it’s very humbling...'

Asking them about the best gig they’ve ever played, it took place in their hometown of Bridlington ('up t’North') whilst supporting Jake Bugg. ‘We were side of stage, the lights went off and we could hear all these people cheering. We thought, they think Jake Bugg’s coming on, don’t they? But as we stepped on stage and the lights shone on us, the crowd went ballistic, it was just crazy! And that was the first time we’d played to 3500 people’. At the same Northern venue, they say how the best gig they’d been in the audience for was Jack White. Harry says that is closely followed by the 50 Cent concert he went to when he was sixteen: ‘He had fire! He even had fire there that he shot over the audience! It was pretty fucking good’.

Curious into the type of music they’re into at the moment, when I asked, Jack whipped out his phone and started scrolling through his Spotify playlist. ‘Don’t go looking at that now,’ Harry nags him. ‘I do what I want, man! This is rock and roll!’ They list off a band called CAN, The Districts, Youth Lagoon, Jack Garrett and Alexander. ‘Alexander – Truth, that’s a tune. We normally have that as our walk-on song’.

Their advice to younger musicians who are just starting out is to keep playing small gigs, they’re the ones that count. ‘That’s how we got spotted. A producer’s mother-in-law-to-be saw us at one of our smaller gigs, where there were perhaps about ten people in the audience. She told her daughter because they were looking for people to play at her wedding. The husband-to-be, the producer, who it turns out had produced people like Oasis, came to see us further down the line, told us we were really good, didn’t want us to play his wedding but would love to produce us!”.

The next year for Seafret sounds busy but thrilling. ‘What’s on the cards for 2016? Gigs gigs gigs! Oh, and more writing too’. I can’t wait to see more from these boys and with their cheeky yet charming personalities I can tell they are going to go far.

Their relaxed, chilled vibe is very accessible, anyone can enjoy it. Check out their debut album Tell Me it’s Real when it's released last year but,  in the meantime, take a listen to their latest track ‘Wildfire’.


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