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Redbrick Meets: WSTR

Ahead of their slot on the Avalanche Stage at this year's Download Festival, Naomi Penn talks to WSTR frontman Sammy Clifford about the band's exciting new plans

Ahead of their Download debut in August, we asked British pop punkers WSTR about how they feel to be playing the infamous rock festival, and about the possibility of a new album coming soon. Here’s what lead singer Sammy Clifford had to say…


How do you feel to be playing Download for the first time amongst such an incredible lineup? 

Download was the first festival I ever went to when I was just 16, and was a present for my GSCEs. It's definitely a special one for me, and the line up looks incredible, as usual, so it will be very humbling to play along side such great acts.

Download was the first festival I ever went to when I was just 16, and was a present for my GSCEs

Who are you excited about seeing this year?

I think we’re all excited to see lots of different bands! I’m very excited to watch Bad Religion, Guns N’ Roses, The Hives and Avenged. Across the band, everyone is excited to see Manson, Ozzy & Baby Metal.

You released Red, Green or Inbetween last year, and it seems like you've skyrocketed since then, did you foresee this album becoming your breakout when you wrote it?

Nope! We never really set goals, or had any expectations with it being our first full length. We were very happy with the reaction, and feel like the record put us on a bigger platform than we’d ever experienced before.

I'm told you have finished writing your next album, too. What can you tell me about that?

I can tell you that we believe it’s the best thing we’ve ever written, and that we put our heart & soul into every song. It feels like a new chapter, and we can’t wait to show you.

Are there any plans to add Limp Bizkit's 'Break Stuff' back into your setlist? What other songs have fans asked you to cover over the years?

No not at all! We have enough songs to fill out the set now but we might pull it out on a special occasion? It won’t make it back into the set, but it was fun while it lasted. We don’t get requests to cover anything else, because everyone is pretty adamant on 'Break Stuff'.

What are your favourite songs to play live?

Personally, ‘Lonely Smiles’ or ‘Featherweight’, but we generally enjoy our entire set. We can’t wait to add new songs to the set, and we’re thinking about playing a new one at Download.


WSTR play Download Festival on Saturday 9th June. Tickets for the festival can be found here.

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26th May 2018 at 9:14 pm