Out team review the selection of Go! restaurants on campus

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Review of Go! Mex

Mexican food is already a very popular evening meal choice for those people looking for a quick-fix at the end of a long day if you really can’t be bothered with the hassle of spending an hour cooking over the stove followed by seemingly endless piles washing up to do. Due to the emphasis on strong spicy flavours, Mexican food can never be considered a bland or boring meal choice. It’s easy enough to make your own or you can also check out the ‘Go Mex’ food outlet at the food court when you’re on campus and need to grab a quick lunch in between lectures. The menu includes burritos, nachos and fajitas, there isn’t that much variety in food but the food is yummy and satisfying nonetheless. I opted for the classic burrito topped with rice, kidney beans, beef chilli, salsa and cheese. Instead of chilli, you could also choose the grilled chicken pieces or the pulled pork (this was quite a popular choice I noticed). Other additional toppings include sour cream, guacamole and mixed salad. If you’re looking for something with less carbs then the naked burrito may be a wise choice, this includes all of the toppings mentioned above minus the tortilla wrap/rice and beans. The price for a burrito with all the sides is £3.95, which I was very pleased with. Each burrito is sufficiently well stuffed with your chosen fillings so you do definitely get your money’s worth even though you find yourself losing most of it once you start tucking in! You are offered the choice of eat in or take away which is handy if you’re in a rush. I however discovered that eating in might not have been the best option when attempting to get your mouth around the wrap whilst trying so hard to eat in an elegant manner and not lose any of the food in the process. If you are looking for a change of scenery however, there is plenty of seating space available and the atmosphere is calm and chilled if you wish to do work at the same time or just kick back and relax whilst enjoying a tasty meal.

By Sarah Dickinson

Behind the Scenes: Go! Central

As somebody who is generally quite sceptical of the methods used in the catering industry, I had mentally prepared myself for waste of epic proportions and cheap ingredients bought in bulk, before starting my first shift at Go Central. How wrong I was! The staff were very kind, and quickly explained what I had to do; even though they have to explain this to every student who covers a shift there, they were very patient and helpful throughout the day. My fears and doubts about campus food were swiftly curbed as I began to see how much it exceeded my expectations. The food used was fresh, with many fillings (if not most) being prepared from scratch on site using simple ingredients. The staff made a whole range of fillings, from coleslaw to potato salad, all in the kitchen area just behind where the food is served and in between Go Central and Go Mex. I similarly surprised to see that the products used were of great quality, much of it was the same stuff we use at home on much bigger scales. From tortilla chips to salsa, I'm not surprised that students love the taste...it's probably what most of us pick up on our shopping anyway! This made a great change to the cheaper substitute ingredients used by other food outlets off-campus, and my cruelty-concious mind was put at ease by the use of free range eggs used in the mayonnaise. In fact, in 2011 University of Birmingham was given a Good Egg award, meaning that all egg ingredients used within the University are sourced from cage-free eggs. In addition to this, what pleased me the most was the general lack of waste. Fillings were made as and when they were needed (which was often, us students are a hungry bunch!) so that they wouldn't be out for too long or that there would be a lot to throw away after. Whilst some last-order students did sometimes seem disappointed that the odd filling had run out, I think that it was much better to have a little bit of restricted choice towards closing time as opposed to masses of waste at the end. Overall I was very happy that I had this experience; yet again Worklink were able to allocate me an enjoyable shift on campus and were restored my faith in campus food at the same time. I have since been many times, and certainly plan on continuing to go.

By Safiyyah Gareeboo

Review: Go! Britannia

Go! Britannia, burrowed underground of University Centre, is a hidden gem in terms of finding a place to eat on campus. It is part of the wider refurbished and revitalised canteen areas across the university and it certainly offered an authentic flavour of great, British food. I visited with a friend on a busy Thursday lunchtime at, what I call, peak time: 12:15. Although there was a queue, we didn't have to wait long as the efficiency and friendliness of the staff ensured orders were processed quickly. I chose the fish, chip and pea special - undoubtedly a true British classic. My friend, however, opted for the less traditional southern fried chicken dish. This might not be a distinctly iconic British meal, but there was a variety of dishes available to select from. In addition to the meals we picked, there were also the options of two other types of chicken, a chorizo and chicken pasty, gammon and vegetarian chilli. These could all be accompanied by side orders comprising of mashed potatoes, chips, peas and beans, as well as complimentary sauces. The condiments were all laid out neatly and there was plenty of space to find a seat. My friend commented that at other places to eat across campus it can often be difficult to find somewhere to sit and eat your meal, but this wasn't the case at Go! Britannia. Moving onto a review of the food - the fish was cooked beautifully; a crispy outer case of batter encrusted a medium sized fillet piece. The side orders were on a serve yourself basis, which was advantageous depending on how hungry you were feeling. The peas were slightly soggy, although this would only be a minor criticism and did not affect my overall enjoyment of the dish. Likewise, my friend was satisfied with her meal. At a bargain price of £3.25 for the chicken and chips combo, this is dish was widely popular. The seasoning provided a spicy coating to the chicken, although the meat was on the bone and it would have been easier to cut had it been presented as a fillet piece. In all, Go! Britannia is part of the student friendly sector in the new food canteen area. Offering a selection of dishes associated both with our homeland and others from across the pond, this place is definitely worth a visit for your lunch!

By Rosie Twells

Review of Go! Asia

Typically, when eating on campus, I will grab a sandwich from the Mason Lounge and think nothing of it. If eating with friends, I may be pushed to have a jacket potato at Joe’s, or even have a burrito at Go! Mex, of whom I am an advocate, However, in delegating areas of the Food Court for this review, I felt it only fair that I should try something new! I am a massive fan of Indian food. The spices, the flavours, the colours – everything about it is fabulous. However, as you know from our Chinese New Year issue, sticky-sweet food is not a favourite of mine and I will go to any lengths to avoid it. Therefore, on choosing to write about Go|! Asia, I enlisted the help of a friend to ensure we tasted the best of everything on offer. There were plenty of seats to spare as we arrives slightly earlier than what you’d call ‘conventional’ lunchtime. We were right to do so because the place filled up within minutes. Queuing up we passed sealed plated of sushi, soups and snacks which we all tempting but unfortunately too cold for a winter’s day. Our food was served piping hot and I’m pleased to say we were not disappointed. My friend chose the ‘Oriental Dish of the Day’ which was a sweet chicken dish, and she had it served with egg noodles which she thoroughly enjoyed. I went for the chicken Dhansak (as opposed to the vegetarian option) and chose to have the basmati rice. The dish was spicy but not overpowering and the flavours were lovely. We also tried the spring rolls and onion bhajis, both 90p. Both were a decent sixe and, when smothered in sweet chilli dipping sauce they were very tasty. That’s not to say they weren’t tasty before we covered them in the sauce, we simply forgot to give them chance! Go! Asia wont provide the best Indian or Chinese food you will ever taste, but it certainly will give you great food, in good portions, at a very good price. Perfect for a campus lunch break.

By Millie Walker