Food Editor Caitlin Dickinson has an enjoyable mid-week lunch trying out the new Wednesday Curry specials menu at Joe’s Bar.

Written by Caitlin Dickinson
English Literature BA Undergraduate and Redbrick Food&Drink Editor.
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In Joe’s Bar, the new offers of Monday ‘Pie, Chips and Mushy Peas’, Wednesday ‘Curry’, Friday ‘Fish and Chips’ are available each week for under £7. The new assets to the menu at Joe’s certainly have given it a fresh start to the year and give you more of an excuse to have a posher lunch during a busy day at uni.

You could opt for a sweet potato and chick pea curry, chicken korma, chicken tikka masala, and lamb rogan josh.

I decided to go to Joe’s bar on the ‘Curry Wednesday’, as this seemed the most exotic of the days they have on offer. On the new menu, there was four choices of curry – all of which come with a plain naan and white, boiled rice. You could opt for a sweet potato and chick pea curry (suitable for vegetarians and vegans), chicken korma, chicken tikka masala, and lamb rogan josh. The mildest of the curry would be the chicken korma, if spice is not for you. On the other hand, if spice is the route you wish to take, then I would recommend getting the lamb rogan josh.

We ordered two curries, one of which was the lamb rogan josh and the other was the chicken tikka masala, which are traditionally medium to hot spiced curries, and traditionally on most Indian restaurant menus.

The presentation of the food was incredibly appetising

The food came on pastel-grey platters with the mound of rice and toasted naan seated next to the mock-steel curry dish. The presentation of the food was incredibly appetising, and the space given through the grey platter allowed you to dip your naan into your curry without getting it all over the table! A great bonus in my clean freak eyes.

The rogan josh was slightly spicier than the chicken tikka masala, however they both did have a milder spice level than what I would usually go for. Considering the flavour of both the curries, there was a base of rich tomato and onion in both. But the rogan josh had undertones of pepper, in contrast to the chicken tikka masala which had a strong garlic flavour throughout the dish. The rice, presumably basmati, was cooked well, but it was slightly disappointing to not have a choice of rice e.g. pilau, whole grain, or a low-carb alternative.

They both did have a milder spice level than what I would usually go for

Unlike the other dishes on Joe’s bar menu, which have options to swap for different types of fries or salad, the curry did not have this option. Likewise, the naan did not have a swap option either. This did limit the dish and its flexibility. I further noticed that the other special dishes on the menu did not have optional room to change the accompaniments that came with the main food. However, this is the only criticism I have of the dishes we had. I thoroughly enjoyed the food we ate and the accompaniments it came with.

The dishes we had were £6.50 each and have the quality and quantity for the worth of the dish. This curry special happens every Wednesday and I would definitely recommend taking yourself and some friends to spice up your midweek meals. If this is not your thing, then Joe’s bar is introducing breakfast from the 27th of February, so go and treat yourself to a bit of morning nosh!

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