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Review: Phill Jupitus ‘Juplicity’ at the Old Rep

Culture Critic Melissa Veitch reviews Phill Jupitus Juplicity tour, an enjoyable evening of comedy, poetry and music

Phill Jupitus

Phill Jupitus returns to the stage with songs, poems, anecdotes, and Hobnobs!

Jupitus went back to his roots, starting the show as his own opening act, as his alter ego Porky the Poet. His poems were extremely clever and funny, but felt very naturalistic and all based from his own experience. The jokes were quick and hilarious, straying slightly into adult content but never becoming too vulgar or crude. He kept things topical, with references to Brexit, Trump and The Great British Bakeoff, and remained fast-paced throughout.

Using the musical talents that made him so popular on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Jupitus even pulled out his guitar to play a few self-penned songs, one epitomising his hatred for owls, and another tearing apart Coldplay songs that had the audience in stitches. He made the night personal, telling embarrassing anecdotes from his own life such as being awarded a doctorate from the University of Kent in a silly hat, being yelled at after one of his shows by an offended mother, and a memorable gig at the NEC where his act fell flat and one attendee threw spare change at him. He even delved into the lives of his two daughters, telling a brutally honest account of what it is like to raise children in a hilarious manner.

Jokes were quick and hilarious, straying slightly into adult content but never becoming too vulgar or crude

The show felt very natural and spontaneous with Jupitus often going off on tangents with jokes, including one about the Archbishop of Canterbury hosting a game of Bingo, frequently cracking himself up as well as his audience. Whilst some comedians use stand-up shows to poke fun at their audience, Jupitus mocked himself, bemoaning the canceling of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, retelling bad puns and cracking jokes at his own expense. He spoke to the audience like a friend, making light of interruptions and technical mishaps. Jupitus made an effort to chat to everyone in the interval, answering questions, taking selfies and even going out into the audience to hand out teacakes and hobnobs. He created a warm atmosphere that made everyone feel at home and relaxed – perfect for a comedy evening. 

Relevant, funny and honest, and above all companionable

He appealed to both young and old, regaling us with stories about old age and fatherhood, but ended the night with an ode to every student’s greatest love, drunken cheesy chips. He perfectly captures the uncontrollable desire for the snack when completely plastered, and then the self-disgust at the congealed leftovers the next day, something we can all relate to after a visit to Roosters.

He was relevant, funny and honest, and above all companionable. When we chatted to him in the interval, and told him about the Redbrick article, he jokily begged, “Only put the good bits in!” Lucky for you Phill, it was all only good bits from start to finish.


15th October 2017 at 9:00 am

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