Redbrick’s Laura Mosley reviews Sainsbury’s attempt at an alternative festive flavoured tea

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Images by Lydia Waller , Daria-Yakovleva

To Sainsbury’s it seems nothing screams festive more, than a Christmas dinner inspired tea and priced at only £1, the two food-based flavours – pigs in blankets and brussels sprouts – are an alternate spin on your typical winter warming treats. I tried this seasonal, meaty tea to see if I could get in the spirit.

I sampled the pigs in blankets flavour and was first struck by the interesting design of the box. The cover showcased a relaxed, sleepy pig underneath a blanket – pretty funny I guess as the pig itself seemed oblivious that the tea inside is advertised as a smoky ‘bacon’ sort of taste with sage and rosemary. Thankfully, as it is vegan, no pigs were harmed in the making of the tea. Their slumber may resume.
The smell of the teabags is overpowering as soon as you open the box, and once I’d left one to brew, the smell progressed to get worse.

If Christmas is supposed to be joyful, this tea drinking experience was quite simply the opposite

Think Scrooge, if this Dickensian character had somehow managed to project his Christmas woe into tea. Although I’m aware the tea itself, lapsang souchong, is supposed to be smoky, I thought that maybe I’d be able to get more out of the cuppa than simply the feeling that I was drinking somebody’s leftover gravy. The tea is drinkable, although it would be better off poured onto a roast dinner than for dipping you bourbon in .

If you’re looking for budget and have incredibly low standards than this might be the Christmas tea for you, but if you actually have any regard for your taste buds then maybe treat yourself to something from Whittard this Christmas.Sainsbury's tea