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Review: Sex in the City 2

Director: Michael Patrick King

Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Noth


2010 has seen a comedy about suicide bombers and ten year-old superheroes using the C-word but nothing has been more offensive than Sex and The City 2.

The sequel sends the girls into the Middle East for a luxurious holiday in Abu Dhabi. The result is the most irresponsible treatment of Middle Eastern culture since the xenophobic films of 1950s Hollywood.

The West-knows-best tone is patronising throughout: the girls watch in fascination as a lady in a burka eats chips, Samantha gives a blowjob to a shisha pipe and several Muslim women reveal a longing for American fashion under their burkas.

This ridicule culminates in a particularly excruciating scene where the ageing and tiresome nymphomaniac Samantha thrusts her groin at a group of Muslim men whilst waving condoms. Depressingly, this actually got the biggest laugh at the cinema.

This is a shame because there are some well-written scenes that stay true to the series, such as Miranda and Charlotte discussing the trials of parenthood. Meanwhile, the best story arc features Carrie and Big – the ever-likable Chris Noth – adapting to married life. Unfortunately, this is shelved early so the gang can go globe-trotting.

Even without the bastardisation of Middle Eastern culture, the film is flawed. The opening same-sex wedding is a caricature in itself, with choirs of men in sailor suits and Liza Minnelli performing Beyoncé. And then the film descends into unnecessary or underused celebrity cameos and a re-occurring sight gag of a braless nanny.

Ultimately, Sex and The City 2 cannot excuse itself as satire, parody or tongue-in-cheek. It is disrespectful garbage, but sadly, it will still be seen by millions. Don't be one of them.


11th June 2010 at 9:50 am

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