A fire has started at Rooster House, Bristol Road, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Emergency services services got to the fire quickly, and the fire services were on scene to get the fire under control.

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A fire broke out at Rooster House on Bristol Road, Selly Oak, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Emergency services services got to the fire after a call from a student at the University of Birmingham, and the fire services got the fire under control in approximately ten minutes.

Witnesses reported three fire engines, two police cars and an ambulance at the scene. There are no reports of injuries at the scene.

The cause of the fire is yet unknown, and is currently under control by the emergency services. The fire has led to the closure of Bristol Road, between Tesco at the bypass and Dawlish Road.

Investigations into the cause of the fire are currently under way.

People have taken to Twitter, using the hashtags #roosterhouse and #prayforroosters, to express their dismay at the burning down of a favourite place to eat among students. #Prayforroosters reached the second most popular Twitter trend for Birmingham.

Eyewitness accounts described a scene where ‘everywhere was smoke’ and ‘firemen were rushing about’. Another local resident told Redbrick of how he ‘woke up and opened his curtains and there was smoke everywhere’.

The owners of Rooster House did not want to be recorded, but told Redbrick that the shop is badly damaged. They went on to describe how smoke seeped in upstairs to the flat above the shop, but stating that the nearby letting agency and other flats are undamaged.

One witness commented on the prospect of the shop reopening, saying that it ‘looks like a lot of work will need to be done for it to reopen.’

A member of the fire service spoke to Redbrick about the fire, saying that the fire service’s initial priorities were ‘looking into the cause of the fire’ and ‘liaising with the residents [of the first, second and third floor flats’.

The ‘Rooster House’ Facebook account updated its status several hours after the blaze, writing ‘:(‘. Students rushed to ‘like’ and support the popular establishment. No official statement has yet been given, but speculation is rising over whether it will reopen.

Writing on Facebook, Guild President David Franklin has stated, ‘Latest word from the Rooster House manager – building seems structurally ok. Hoping to be open again in a few weeks. #prayforroosters.’