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Single Review: Bastille – Quarter Past Midnight

While worlds away from the sound that defined their debut, Bastille's new single is an enticing glimpse into the band's future

Bastille’s latest anthemic single, ‘Quarter Past Midnight’, represents a further step away from their debut album, Bad Blood. Every release by the British band has had a slightly different edge, and this is no different: a more electronic sound with heavy use of guitar gives the single a rock feel, and the song rises and falls on occasion, perhaps to show the escapist nature of the night out Dan Smith’s relatable vocals describe. Smith told Billboard the song was intended portray the ‘excitement’ and ‘rush’ of night-time, and the way the almost acappella-style opening, supported only by subtle piano notes, crescendos to the chorus does this well.

Every release by the British band has had a slightly different edge, and this is no different

The lyrics ‘It’s a quarter past midnight, but we’re just getting going’; ‘Help me piece it all together darling’ and ‘Why are we always chasing after something/ Like we’re trying to throw our lives away?’ will apply to many a university student at some point, making ‘Quarter Past Midnight’ a possible young-adult anthem. Smith’s familiar vocal tones do come through in the new single, although not to the same degree or effect as in their November single ‘World Gone Mad’. As many of the band’s fans suggest, Smith’s vocals could probably make the most mundane of topics worth listening to, so it’s no surprise that they are the real stand-out of this single. After Wild World’s showpiece track ‘Warmth,’ the return of Will Farquarson’s guitar is welcome, though don’t expect the as-yet-untitled third album to maintain this sound consistently: currently, the amount of Bastille songs to utilise a heavy guitar sound can be counted on one hand. Overall, as a preview for their much-anticipated new album (expected to be released later this year), ‘Quarter Past Midnight’ sets the bar high.

'Quarter Past Midnight' is available to stream online now.

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16th May 2018 at 9:00 am