Alice Heaps reviews the new track from Welsh indie rock band Himalayas

Images by New Sound Wales

'Thank God I'm Not You' perfectly captures the laid-back, confident but grungy aura that the band carries

With a UK tour and their EP Ecstasy already under their belt, the new single ‘Thank God I’m Not You’ is guaranteed to take Himalayas, an upcoming indie rock band from Wales, to even bigger places. Opening with a handful of playfully self-deprecating lyrics, ranging from ‘I’m a coward / I’m a freak’ to ‘A liar and a cheat’, this song perfectly captures the laid back, confident but grungy aura that the band carries by following with an almost punchline-like chorus to say that although all those things are pretty bad, ‘Thank God I’m not you’.

The clean-cut conversation between a crunchy drum beat, that makes it next to impossible to keep still, and a steady bass and stinging guitar riff interplay, shows this song using some classic indie-rock techniques to please while still succeeding at being something new. Although the intended genre is clear, Himalayas are very good at not creating replicas of sounds like the Arctic Monkeys or Jack White that they have been inspired by, but instead forge their own path that sits perfectly in between the gaps of what is already out there.

Planning new music and playing more and more gigs all the time, exciting things are coming to Himalayas and the future looks very bright for the group. Just 21 hours after announcing ‘Thank God I’m Not You’ the band received a request from Adam Thomas Walton to play the track on BBC Radio Wales – this seems to say it all for Himalayas. Now we just have to eagerly wait for what they have to give us next.