HONNE have gifted us all with the perfect Valentine’s soundtrack.

'one doesn't need sunglasses on a gloomy day and yet it is on a gloomy day that one must look one's flyest' - Ezra Koenig
Images by Indie Current

Less than a month since the release of their EP, Gone Are the Days (Shimokita Import), HONNE released ‘Woman’ as a Valentine’s Day gift to their fans. In what is becoming their signature style, this track is tangible, sexy and viscerally romantic.

More downbeat than most of their previous releases, this song is a modern waltz – the synths slowly lilt from side to side, hypnotic and romantic. HONNE’s lyrics sometimes tend to toe the line between simple and cliché, but here, the balance is right, especially in the chorus, the unadorned ‘Never did a woman do so much to me / You’ve got some kind of hold on me’. There is an economy of words that is so compelling – there is nothing superfluous.

In the bridge, the duo simply and perfectly sum up the meaning at the heart of Valentine’s Day, once the cheesy cards and overpriced teddy bears are stripped away: ‘I thought I should tell you how loved you are / And if we are together, we’re going far’. This song, simple and heartfelt, is perfect to share with someone you love on Valentine’s Day.