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Single Review: Iggy Azalea – Team

Matt McCrory teams up on Iggy Azalea and her latest single.

Iggy Azalea: a dismal punchline to the music industry’s most reluctant joke. Her latest single ‘Team’ comes in anticipation of her sophomore record Digital Distortion and carries on the trend of matching incomparably unimpressive vocals with assertively average instrumentals. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for some sort of Bieber-esque resurgence from the Australian Hip-Hop songstress, Iggy may leave you wanting.

‘Team’ tries to innovate in all the ways that previous album hit ‘Fancy’ succeeded. Straight away you’ll notice that the syncopated synth bass that defined her earlier single has been reworked, repurposed and refitted for this rehash of a hit. The instrumental is sickly slick with some polished production that provides the small amount of personality this track has to offer. Aside from some reverb-y high synths and some cringe-worthy sound samples hanging around the back of the mix, the instrumental never really expands from the uninspiring opening bars. The only exception to this is the unexpected trap-esque breakdown which introduces a clichéd percussive ‘hey hey’ pattern and some variations on that bass riff.

'If anything it’s a testament to Iggy’s ability to keep churning out noise with so many people dismissive of her abilities as a rapper and public figure...'
Iggy’s vocal performance is varied. Her weird drawling delivery style is omnipresent and her lyrical content barely borders on witty at any point. The breakdown, which takes cues from Juvenile’s ‘Back That Ass Up’, is gag-inducing and I was genuinely surprised that the opening lines didn’t contain the word ‘realest’. However, the hook for ‘Team’ is pretty passable with theming that touches upon motivation and independence. If anything it’s a testament to Iggy’s ability to keep churning out noise with so many people dismissive of her abilities as a rapper and public figure.

So, in case you couldn’t tell, I don’t think ‘Team’ by Iggy Azalea is much good. The beat remains interesting for about a third of the song’s runtime and Iggy has (debatably) only a single half-decent quip hidden in her delivery. It doesn’t innovate on her past successes and at some moments actively embraces some of Azalea’s weaker skill set. However, strangely enough, the more I listened to this song, the more willing I was to buy into Iggy’s semi-inspirational theming and messages of self-belief and confidence. Unfortunately this didn’t derive from any empowering directive or motivational sensibilities but rather from the idea that if Iggy Azalea can have a successful rap career, I guess anyone can. Unlucky Iggy. Better luck next time.

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20th March 2016 at 11:53 am

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