Marsicans’ new single is the perfect dose of pop positivity, Josh Parker reviews

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‘Pop-Ups (Sunny at the Weekend)’ is the latest single from Leeds-based indie band Marsicans. Fresh from playing the University of Birmingham’s very own ValeFest, where they drew one of the largest crowds of the day, this single is one of their strongest to date.

Lead singer James Newbigging got the idea for the song from clickbait pop-up adverts appearing when attempting to watch a movie online. He wrote it as a way to poke fun at the real-life equivalent of those adverts, people who make an array of false promises in order to hook others into get-rich-quick schemes and the like. Newbigging takes up the role of one such character, tempting the listener with the opening line ‘I’ve got a secret, wanna hear it?’ before promising to ‘make you money / make your dreams come true.’ As if these promises weren’t wild enough, he goes one further to claim he’ll make sure ‘it’ll always be sunny at the weekend’ in the song’s chorus, at this point truly undermining himself and playfully mocking these characters.

A welcome summery blast of indie pop with a properly euphoric, tongue-in-cheek chorus

As its name might suggest, the song is a welcome summery blast of indie pop and has a properly euphoric, tongue-in-cheek chorus, with Newbigging’s falsetto soaring. Whilst structurally the song doesn’t exactly throw any surprises the way of the listener, its strength as a summer anthem arguably comes as a result of its simplicity. ‘Pop-Ups’ seems perfectly suited for the host of festival slots that Marsicans will be playing in the upcoming months, including appearances at Kendal Calling, 110 Above, and Reading & Leeds Festival. The band will be hoping to continue their rise to prominence within the indie scene, having recently completed their biggest headline tour to date.

This single is one that brims with positivity, with it standing as a clear showing of Marsicans’ potential and should find its way onto many people’s playlists this summer.