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Single Review: Mura Masa ft ASAP Rocky – Love$ick

Mura Masa and ASAP Rocky may come from vastly different musical backgrounds, but 'Love$ick' is a collaboration that pays off, says Alex Williams

Alex Crossan aka Mura Masa is an up-and-coming producer who is ready take the world by storm with this latest single ‘Love$ick’, edited with the lyrics of self-proclaimed pretty boy and rap mogul ASAP Rocky. Mura Masa may be recognisable to you from his previous hit single ‘What If I Go?’, however he definitely kills it with this newest track. At this current time electronic music is dominated by the revival of popular house music, especially with the recent surges of tropical house and tech-house this summer. But personally I have to admit, it is refreshing to hear a reminder of how good pure electronic music can sound (which ‘Love$ick’ demonstrates) when done right. ‘Love$ick’ is a throwback to the electronic music of the early 2010s, with artists such as SBTRKT, Tourist, Flume and the popular YouTube channel Majestic Casual making waves in the scene. Nevertheless, ‘Love$ick’ keeps updated from its musical ancestors of the 2010-2013 period by involving the rapper ASAP Rocky.

ASAP Rocky effortlessly adds context from the previous instrumental version. He explains a tragic love story where Rocky himself is in love with a girl who does not feel the same. This is quite odd and interesting because you would never think an international rapper would be in such a position that ordinary people face daily, feeling rejected. Still, Rocky adds to the original chorus subtly by chillingly stating, ‘I swear to God, you should miss me when I’m gone’, essentially explaining that he is the best thing that has ever happened to her. Yet Rocky, like any man who’s been in this situation, still falls for her every time she wants to pursue things sexually, ‘wishing he had no pants on [him]’ when he receives a lap dance from this vixen.

I have to admit, it is refreshing to hear a reminder of how good pure electronic music can sound when done right.
While Rocky is calmly explaining his discontent towards his love interest in this song, Mura Masa grippingly takes inspiration from the electronic sounds that are popping at the moment. He starts the song with a little teaser with the percussion but quickly switches it up to a piano melody, where he passes the mic to ASAP Rocky. He brings in tropical instruments to set the tone of the song to be fun, relaxed and chilled. The vocals leading after enhance this effect with the muffled, filtered singing of ASAP Rocky and additional vocalists. Gradually Mura Masa increases the bass, which flows through your body, getting you straight at your lower region. In addition, the song clearly takes inspiration from trap music with the claps (made clichéd by artists such as DJ Mustard) building up for every drop that is about to commence. It is obvious that Mura Masa has an eye for detail too, shown when ASAP Rocky ends the line with the word ‘margaritas’; here, Mura Masa cleverly adds the sound effect of two glasses toasting. It is crafty because it keeps the song upbeat, joyful and celebratory where the lyrics come from the other side of the spectrum of rejection, denial and frustration.

Even though they come from two very different musical backgrounds, the collaboration between these two goes surprisingly well. But that is the beauty of ASAP Rocky: he is not afraid to experiment and it has certainly paid off. So maybe there’s a chance of these two artists working together again. Maybe a production feature on ASAP Rocky’s upcoming album; I certainly wouldn’t put it past Rocky.

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19th October 2016 at 3:59 pm

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