The 1975’s latest single is a profound statement on the world’s current state and we should all be eager for their upcoming record, Social Secretary Sorcha Hornett believes

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‘Love It If We Made It’ was introduced via giant billboards and anonymously-posted lyric sheets, a glimpse into The 1975’s forthcoming album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, showing it will never be something shy and will demand attention when it eventually is released. 

Matty Healy’s lyrics are biting in a 'Black Mirror' style stream of consciousness that suggests something much darker

The single takes the most dismal subject matters, like people of colour being victimised through systemic racism and the prison industrial complex, refugees dying on beaches and fossil fuels, and twists them into the 2016 I like it when you sleep… sound palette of disco synths and stunning pop melodies. It’s almost like business as usual for the band, but Matty Healy’s lyrics are biting in a ‘Black Mirror’ style stream of consciousness that suggests something much darker. Speaking about the song, Healy said: “It’s an interesting one because there’s not a lot of context – and a lot of the things that I say in that are kind of direct quotes of people or they’re headlines that I’ve read… [the chorus] is met hopefully, with a genuine positivity.”

The chorus, when it kicks in, is the sweet relief you didn’t know you needed, and it is glorious. It’s a beautiful reminder: you can always find a way to keep going, even when the misery of the world is bringing you down, that there is “genuine positivity” amongst the darkness. The repetition of ‘I’d love it if we made it’ is something that has probably crossed all of our minds about the state of the world, and becomes almost mantra-like, something to say when it’s all going wrong. The 1975 tackle pop culture, politics and the state of society in just over four minutes. Modernity may have failed us, but the 1975 certainly haven’t with this new track. 

‘Love It If We Made It’ by The 1975 is available now via Dirty Hit.