Sons of Pitches won the golden mic trophy at the BBC 2 Naked Choir final on Tuesday. Beatboxer of the UoB a capella group Midé Adenaike told us of his dream to pursue music professionally.

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Although he’s not into singing, Midé Adenaike along with group members Joe Novelli, Joe Hinds, Jamie Hughes, Joe Belham and Josh Mallett, came out on top in Gareth Malone’s a capella challenge. After being sworn to secrecy since the series was filmed, the beatboxer of the six-piece shares how it feels to finally share the win with family and friends.

How have the first 24hrs been since the result was announced last night?

It’s been so surreal. I’m really, really happy. There’s been so much traffic of messages to my phone. It’s been crazy. When we entered the series, we only expected an episode or two of really good coverage to get exposure. We never expected this.

Last night the final was screened live in the Debating Hall at the Guild of Students for friends and family of the group members. What was that like?

Yesterday, seeing everyone’s faces as they released the result was great – everyone was screaming and cheering. All of the [Sons of Pitches] were there, most with their family members. Two of my lecturers were even there. Afterwards, we went to celebrate at Joe’s bar until it closed.

What was it like to keep this win a secret since the series was recorded?

It was definitely difficult. Some of our friends came to the show itself, so they had to keep it secret too.We had to keep telling our family and friends to wait – even housemates didn’t know. However, since the end result was the perfect one, we felt no kind of awkwardness about it.

The Sons of Pitches are a bit different – what inspires that diversity? 

I’m not much of a singer myself, but with a capella, you can do absolutely whatever you like. A capella produces potential for creativity and with our group we like to pursue a blank canvas. We have different types of characters that you wouldn’t usually see in a capella groups, I’m a beatboxer whereas Novs [Joe Novelli] is great on the high-pitched harmonies.

Josh Mallett, Joe Belham and Joe Hinds (left to right) on set for their remix of Hanson's MMMBop in ten genres.
Josh Mallett, Joe Belham and Joe Hinds (left to right) on set for their remix of Hanson’s MMMBop in ten genres.

What does the next year hold for you?

We’ve had increased requests for wedding events, and we’ve been asked to turn on some Christmas lights. We’ve done some a capella workshops for schools around the country, they’re really rewarding.

Do you see yourselves pursuing this professionally?

We would like to try and live off this as a group. We’ve sacrificed to stay in Birmingham, and got part time jobs to pursue this as much as we can. I’ve still got two years left of my Pharmacy degree, and the others worked as either teaching assistants or as a barista since graduating. Everyone had these jobs until very recently, because they want to push for SoP 100%. We’re all best friends anyway, and we want to see how far we can get with this.

Midé will be leading a workshop on Friday 30th October through the a capella society for beginners to learn beatbox skills. In the Underground in the Guild of Students 6-8pm. 

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