Giulia Bardelli takes us through her life in music

20 year old politics student
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First Song I Remember Hearing: Duran Duran – Is There Something I Should Know

My dad’s obsession with Duran Duran started when we moved to London; I was about 3 years old. Their compilation album titled Greatest would be the only CD he ever played in the car. I remember ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ and ‘Girls On Film’ being pretty iconic songs that would be played at parties my parents hosted with their friends. However, it’s the first song on the album ‘Is There Something I Should Know’ which I have a really vivid memory of. My dad would turn the volume up when driving and sing along like there was no tomorrow.

First Concert: Gwen Stefani

It’s 2007, and all I remember is glitter halter-tops and Gwen Stefani being quite literally the only things I was into. I discovered Gwen Stefani one morning as I was having breakfast, watching MTV, back in the days when MTV was pure music entertainment. I was obsessed. I went to see her during her Sweet Escape Tour, it’s no surprise she delivered banger after banger from ‘4 In The Morning’ to ‘Hollaback Girl’, it was a life changing experience. I remember wondering just how someone could dance so incredibly well, not go out of breath and sing amazingly all at the same time. I was baffled. I came out of that concert a changed little galliana.

First Slow Dance: Eagles – Hotel California

It was that awkward pre-teen stage everyone goes through. I went to France one summer for 2 weeks to learn French and on my final night our supervisors put on a disco for all us crazy kids. Classic. The nerves started to kick in once I heard the slow intro of ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles. Was someone going to ask me to dance? Surely I couldn’t ask a boy to dance, not at the age of 12? But this girl did just that. That summer we didn’t stop emailing each other, now I have him on Facebook. I’ve never had a slow dance since then, and probably never will. My clammy hands won’t allow it.

A Song For The Car: Childish Gambino – Sunrise

Not to be cliché but there is nothing better than being in the car with your girlfriends and blasting your favourite song, it’s the perfect stress relief. For my friends and I, it’s ‘Sunrise’ by Childish Gambino. I got introduced to Childish back during the painful days of A-level exams, which for me was almost 3 years ago, but he made them all the more bearable. No great song is complete without an iconic line, in this case it’s ‘I’ve seen it all, like I’m John Mayer’s penis hole’.

A Song For Sexy Time: Chet Faker – No Diggity

I got introduced to this sexy cover of ‘No Diggity’ almost two years ago by one of my close friends and I couldn’t stop listening to it. This one is great for the bedroom when you’re with your significant other and want a little bit of background music to break up any unwanted awkwardness. It’s minimalist and charming and you’ll bound to be lost for words at first listen. With Valentine’s Day coming up this is the perfect track to swoon your beau with. You’re welcome.