Redbrick Sport Editor Harry Wilkinson takes us through his life in music

2nd year Philosophy student. Villa fan from Mid-Wales
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First concert: Oasis

First concert I ever went to was Oasis at Heaton Park on the 7th June 2009, their last ever gig in Manchester. I know right, what a fucking start that is. As I was only 12 at the time I don’t actually remember it as much as I would like, but particular songs such as ‘Live Forever’, ‘Morning Glory’ and ‘Champagne Supernova’ certainly stick in the memory. Another thing I remember is ‘Rock N Roll Star’ coming on and everything just going tits-flyingly mad. It was like everyone suddenly got possessed; some crazy omnipotent being had just pumped up everyone’s energy to about fifty times the norm. What a moment. The songs gradually faded in their intensity before being galvanised by ‘Live Forever’, ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Supersonic’. ‘Champagne Supernova’ and the ‘I Am the Walrus’ Beatles cover closed it. Oasis split up two months later. It’s only now that I realise how lucky I was to have seen them.

Song for the car: Editors –  Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors

My car had a tape deck before my Dad replaced it with a CD player. But with no AUX I was forced to get the CD rack out and choose some albums that I knew I could just have on loop. Editors’ second album, An End has a Start, was one of them, with the first song on the record being this. The car is the best place to have a sing-song, as you’re on your own and sure no-one can hear you. Last summer I remember just blasting this song out for days; whether on the way to work or the gym it would always pump me up. Strange that, considering it’s pretty melancholy when played raw and acoustic.

When Villa lose: Jake Bugg – Broken

Most people who know me will know I’m a massive Aston Villa fan. Since relatively recently I’ve had a tradition that takes place whenever they lose, to aid the familiar pains of defeat (and I mean very fucking familiar). Upon leaving the ground I’ll get my headphones on and put on ‘Broken’ by Jake Bugg. Then when I’m home I’ll play it and sing it myself. Weird as fuck I know, but it does always make me feel a tad better. On the rare occasions the Villa win ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ by Oasis plays out on the speakers, allowing the Holte End to boom it out whilst filtering out the ground. It’s pretty amazing. I’ll play it again on the way home, when I’m home, then when I’m in the shower the next morning. You gotta make these things last!

Best concert: The Stone Roses, Heaton Park, 2012

The Stone Roses originally formed in 1989 and broke up in 1996 (a year before I was born). But still I grew up listening to their incredible music throughout my childhood. Then, in 2011, something fucking biblical happened – they announced they were reforming. Liam Gallagher said it was the best day of his life since his kids were born. Says a lot that. My older brother, Jake, managed to get tickets for him and his then-girlfriend, but she dropped out a few days prior, leaving me the opportunity to go. The only trouble was it coincided with a cricket match I was due to play in – Mid-Wales under 15s, a team in which I captained as well. I had literally a couple hours to make the decision: play the cricket game, or bale out late and go to see the band I’ve listened to since I was about 8, who broke-up before I was born but then miraculously reformed. We all know what I chose. Led to the coach being very pissed off and me losing my captaincy, but the question is was it worth it? One-hundred fucking percent yes. After the gig we stayed at some flat near Old Trafford, belonging to this Manc bloke we hardly knew. I’ll never forgot his surprise when I told him I was 15. He was outraged in the most positive of ways.

Most emotional: New Order – Ceremony

This song, man. Written by Ian Curtis – the lead singer of Joy Division, prior to committing suicide – this song is the most beautiful, haunting, elegant, devastating piece of music. Absolutely incredible. There’s not much words for it, to be honest. What’s really fucking weird as well is that the only time this song was ever recorded by Joy Division was at Chamberlain Hall, ‘Birmingham University’ – their last gig before Ian died. Freaky that.