Deputy Editor (and UBCC member), Harry Wilkinson, speaks to chairman of Men’s Cricket, Robert Shenkman, about what its like to be part of the university cricket team

2nd year Philosophy student. Villa fan from Mid-Wales
Images by Ronald Iguana

What is it like to be part of UBCC?

“To be honest, its unlike any other cricket club you can play for at home. I’d say the team atmosphere and friendships you make is different; the team-bonding is something else completely.”

Where do UBCC train, and how long is the season?

“So we train once a week indoors at E​dgbaston, just round the corner from The Vale during terms one and two. The outdoor season is in term three, which is obviously in exam season which can cause problems, but we get through. We have three teams that complete in the BUCS leagues.”

How did last season go?

“Last season had some mixed results. The 1st consolidated their position in BUCS Midlands 1A, the 2nds narrowly missed out on promotion from the league below that (Midlands 2B), whereas the 3rd were relegated (after competing also competing in Midlands 2B).”

What was the most memorable moment from last year?

“I’d say, certainly, some of the socials were pretty moment​ou​s. ‘Tour de Vale’, in particular, was memorable for a variety of reasons. However, on the field, seeing Fred McMillan score 65 and playing one of the best innings you’ll see despite having two hours sleep, in my opinion, is one of the greatest things I’ve seen ​on ​a cricket field.”

What are the aspirations for this year?

“I’ve been talking a lot with the performance manger, Tom Marshall, and it’s looking like the first team are really going to try and get promoted this season as certain players step-up, with the second team also trying to build on their second place by getting promoted. It sounds like a cliché but with the third team getting relegated they’re going to look to bounce straight back. We’ll just have to see what freshers we can get in at Sports Fair and trials.”

Best personal cricket-related anecdote?

“It’s got to be watching Anthony Dibble relentlessly sledge the captain of the University of Derby and then getting out to the first ball of the UBCC innings. Let’s just say his chat backfired on him horrifically.”