Travel writer Madeline McInnis writes about her top tips for keeping up with your studies whilst travelling

Written by mmcinnis
Images by Neil Cornwall

The last thing we want to do over the reading week is actually read, am I right? Many of us are jetting off to new places, experiencing new things, and barely finding the time to sleep, let alone do any schoolwork.

If you’re like me, you rarely bring your laptop on trips because of the added weight and target to steal on your person. If you’re working on your phone like I do, make sure you have your course websites bookmarked so you can access them easily.

Avoid bringing heavy books with you — chances are that you are not going to crack them anyway, and they will just be another thing to lug around. Instead, take pictures of the pages that you need and read them off of your phone.

If you do not want to deal with the inconvenience of that, look to see if there are any podcasts, audiobooks, or ebooks on the topics you are reading about. If you bring up one reading a day from Canvas, you can also get seven done with very minimal commitment, before bed.

If applicable to your course, try to stop by relevant attractions wherever you are travelling. Look for museums and tourist sites that will keep you excited and motivated about your work.

 My biggest suggestion is to start a note on your phone outlining your plan for the upcoming weeks. Start thinking about your finals and how you want to structure them. They will catch up with you really quickly and you’ll thank yourself for your plan when it comes to that time.

 Even make study breaks! Read at lunch, if you are just sitting down anyway. If you are studying with other students, meet in your downtime and support each other in your studies. You can help to keep each other accountable and to get work done even while you’re away.


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