Life&Style’s Bethan Lewis shares her tips on how to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy over the summer months

Written by Bethan Lewis
Images by Pixabay

Exams have come to an end and the summer weather is finally upon us so it’s about time we think about how to look after our skin throughout the summer months. While we’re relaxing in Selly Park or sunbathing by the Vale lake, the last thing we want to deal with is dry or sunburnt skin. So, we’ve rounded up with best ways you can give your skin the love it needs to stay healthy through the sweat and heat of the summer, and the rain since we’re in England after all.

I once fell into the trap of thinking that because I had oily skin, I didn’t need to moisturise because I thought it would only make it worse. But moisturising is essential for all skin types, no matter the time of year! Opting for lightweight, water-based lotion or gel moisturisers for the summer will keep your skin hydrated without the thick feeling of a lot of winter moisturisers. Especially on holiday where air conditioning dries out your skin, moisturisers will give you the perfect barrier to maintain smooth skin all summer.

Summer skin is all about being bright and healthy, so exfoliating once or twice a week can become the best way to achieve this. It removes all the dead cells which allows you skin to be much more radiant so you can have glowing skin naturally without having to rely on makeup.

I know everyone has probably heard it before, but while SPF should be used all year round, summer is especially the time to think about adding sun cream to your skincare routine. Many brands sell sun creams especially for your face to wear underneath makeup and give a matte finish rather than the sticky, shiny feeling we often associate with sun cream. Even switching up your moisturiser and foundation to ones containing SPF is a great way to easily protect your skin.

At the end of a long day I admit I have a habit of simply grabbing a makeup wipe because it seems like the easiest decision at the time, though my skin will make me regret it later. Taking a couple more minutes to replace your makeup wipes with cleaners or micellar water will be a life-saver for your skin. Instead of pulling and rubbing your skin, these products will easily lift off your makeup and build-up of oils from the day to give you clearer and fresher skin than any makeup wipe could.

Water, though not technically skincare, does wonders for your skin as it flushes out all the toxins from your body to properly cleanse and replenish it. Water revitalises your skin’s moisture and nutrients to give you glowing, soft skin. As well as drinking plenty of it, washing your face with cold water also eliminates redness and seals your pores to allow better makeup application and clearer, spot-free skin!

So, while we lay in the sun recovering from exams and hangovers from our last few weekends at Fab, don’t forget about looking after your skin in the warm weather this summer.