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Creature Feature: A Tale of Two Possums

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    Top 5: Amazing Animal Events

    The spectacular Planet Earth 2 has the nation captivated by natural events, and in light of this our editor, Kara Watson, counts down her top 5 animal events

    Written by Kara Watson on 23rd November 2016


    Top 3 Ridiculous Gadgets

    Redbrick Technology writer Roshni Patel rants about some of the ridiculous gadgets on show at this years' Gadget Show Live

    Written by Roshni Patel on 3rd April 2016


    Top Gadgets of 2016 As Recommended by The Gadget Show Live

    Technology writer Amy Thompson and Roshni Patel wrap up some of the top gadgets on show at this year's Gadget Show Live

    Written by Roshni Patel & Amy Thompson on 3rd April 2016


    Top 5 Advanced 3D Printers

    Roshni Patel counts down her top 5 advanced 3D printers, including one invention which can make 3D-printed confectionery.

    Written by Roshni Patel on 26th February 2016


    Top 5 Robots Inspired By Animals

    Kara Watson tells us about some of the best robots that have been inspired by animals.

    Written by Kara Watson on 19th February 2016


    Top 5 Space Stories to Look Out for in 2016

    Sci & Tech editor Amy Thompson tells Redbrick her top 5 space stories to look out for in 2016.

    Written by Amy Thompson on 28th January 2016


    UoB Research Reveals Causes of Myeloma

    Recent research by the University of Birmingham has revealed some of the ways MGUS can progress to myeloma.

    Written by Amy Thompson on 23rd November 2015


    Five Ways We’re More Like Bees Than You Think

    With ‘National Honey Week’ underway, Ian Rogers brings you a few lesser-known traits of our vital friend – the bee.

    Written by Ian Rogers on 26th October 2015


    Top 5 Apps for the Start of Term

    The university workload can be difficult, so George Sabourin has compiled a list of the best free apps to make that transition a little easier.

    Written by George Sabourin on 22nd October 2015


    Top 5 Things to Look Forward to at Fallout 4’s E3 Showing

    Following Fallout 4's recent reveal, Mason Cusack shares which 5 features he's most excited to see in the game's inevitable E3 stage demo on June 15th.

    Written by Mason Cusack on 5th June 2015


    Top 5 Websites for a Mini Revision Break

    Take a five minute break from revision with these four relaxing websites, and an app that will make sure you get back to it soon!

    Written by Ellie Patten on 9th May 2015


    Top 5 Coffee Benefits

    Did you know that coffee could help to make you more intelligent and keep your brain healthy?

    Written by Devon Smith on 23rd March 2015
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