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    Love Island: Charlie Brooker’s Vision?

    Deputy Editor Kat Smith examines the similarities between the Love Island phenomenon sweeping the nation and Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror

    Written by Kat Smith on 26th July 2018


    Throwback: Waterloo Road

    TV's Niamh Brennan looks back on Waterloo Road, asking was it the best TV show of all time?

    Written by Niamh Brennan on 2nd July 2018


    Best Box-Sets to Binge This Summer

    With summer now upon us, TV's Morgana Chess breaks down the best box-sets to binge watch to your heart's content

    Written by Morgana Chess on 22nd June 2018


    Why Brooklyn Nine-Nine Deserved to Be Revived

    TV Critic Matt Taylor breaks down the reasons why Brooklyn Nine-Nine deserves to be renewed, following an enormous online backlash when Fox announced its cancellation

    Written by Matt Taylor on 13th May 2018


    Looking at the World Through a New (Queer) Eye

    TV Critic Morgana Chess gives her point of view on Netflix's reboot of the makeover show Queer Eye

    Written by Morgana Chess on 10th May 2018


    Netflix: International Programming Taking the World by Storm

    TV Editor Matt Dawson looks at some of the subtitled highlights brought to you from around the world by Netflix

    Written by Matt Dawson on 10th April 2018


    Teddy Perkins, Or Why You Should Be Watching Atlanta

    Comment Editor Alex Cirant-Taljaard breaks down Teddy Perkins, the most recent chilling episode of Donald Glover's comedy-drama series Atlanta

    Written by Alex Cirant-Taljaard on 10th April 2018


    Weinstein: The Inside Story

    TV Critic Morgana Chess looks at Panorama's documentary Weinstein: The Inside Story, as it offers a glimpse into an industry that failed so many women

    Written by Morgana Chess on 23rd March 2018


    Working with Weinstein

    Following a recent Channel 4 documentary, TV's Kimberly Malek explores the abuse that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein inflicted on his employees

    Written by Kimberleymalek on 23rd March 2018


    Is Friends Offensive?

    Since the arrival of the popular 90s/early 2000s sitcom to a new audience via Netflix UK, TV's Niamh Brennan asks if Friends is as innocent as it seems?

    Written by Niamh Brennan on 27th February 2018


    Malcolm in the Middle: The Best TV Family?

    Comment Editor Alex Cirant-Taljaard poders if classic US sitcom Malcolm in the Middle is the best example of a TV family. Do you agree? Yes? No? Maybe? Can you repeat the question?

    Written by Alex Cirant-Taljaard on 10th February 2018


    Dancing on Ice – Why Bring It Back?

    TV writer and figure skater Tasha Burden reflects on ITV's revival of their Sunday evening skating show, Dancing on Ice

    Written by tashaburden on 6th February 2018
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