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The Birmingham Footnotes Presents: A Comedy Sketch Show

CastSophie Weston

Jack Toop

Ludo Cinelli

Lorna Newman

Jo Dawes

Jacob Lovick

The Birmingham Footnotes are known for their comedy, and comedy did they bring last weekend, unaffected by the snow (except for the topical video which opened the evening).

The show’s programme, with its remakes of iconic film posters, may have worried some members of the audience, who thought they were going to be embarrassed by having to admit they had never seen Sketch Show1certain films, and therefore had no idea what the sketches were about. Luckily, the programme was just a red-herring, and the show was completely accessible, especially in its use of UOB in-jokes; the audience roared with laughter at forgotten TurnItIn numbers and Sketch Show2lecturers having to call for IT support, which all, of course, came with a sketch show twist.

The Footnotes utilised multi-media very well, using videos as interludes and other sketches. A personal favourite was ‘The Hob Bit’, in which Jacob Lovick delivered an excellent deadpan spoof. The spoofs were rife during the evening, but were always humorous and never cliched or tired takes on legendary films; the gangster bees were a touch of genius.

What was most refreshing about the evening was that the cast had tangible chemistry, meaning that a variety of pairings and groupings worked excellently. The sketches were generally original andSketch Show3 unexpected, and posed interesting questions, such as, ‘What would it be like to be stuck in a porn film?’ Some sketches transitioned into the downright bizarre, with one documenting the relationship between one man and his elbow, and another looking at a slightly psychotic Sat Nav.

Overall, the Birmingham Footnotes definitely delivered on the comedy front, keeping the audience entertained and very glad that they had braved the arctic weather conditions for a hilarious evening.

Photographs by: Alexandra Martino and Stefano John Dozza

Jenna Clake is the former Online Arts Editor of Redbrick and studies English with Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. (@jennaclake)


26th January 2013 at 3:00 pm