Redbrick Technology writer Roshni Patel rants about some of the ridiculous gadgets on show at this years’ Gadget Show Live

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Technology is everywhere, some of it is useful and amazing, while some of it leaves you scratching you head in wonder and asking why anyone would need an umbrella which tweets the weather. And at the British gadget gathering of the year, there was no shortage of technology to marvel at or scratch your head over. Here are just a few of the gadgets which I thought were a little on the ridiculous end of the scale.

3. Ninebot Mini Pro ~ £785

It’s just like those hover boards all the cool kids are riding, except it’s not quite the same. Featuring a unique little saddle shaped post in the middle, the Ninebot Mini Pro even had host David McClelland blushing as he asked what was between his guests legs. The saddle shaped addition as it happened, was a steering wheel, for your knees. Yes, you read that right! Instead of seamlessly moving your body on a £300 hoverboard, Ninebot suggests you pay almost £800 so you can steer with your knees. With a top speed of 18kmh, a running distance of 30km and even fitted with brake and indicator lights, the Ninebot Mini Pro certainly earnt its spot on my list of ridiculous technology at this year’s show.

2. Devialet Phantom ~ £1690

Hailed as the loudest WiFi speakers in the world, these 3000W, 105 decibel analogue to digital hybrids are not for the faint hearted. And at a whopping £1600, these speakers are certainly aimed at the morning’s trade representatives and for the wealthy visitor’s home cinemas. Endorsed by celebrities from around the world from, Beyoncé and Jay Z to Indian star Shah Rukh Kahn, the price tag alone, which was among the highest of all the products on show (excluding cars), earnt them a place on the list.

1. iFit Sleep Hr ~£99.99

While this may be the cheapest gadget on the list, it is by far the most ridiculous. Similar to the old children’s tale of the princess and the pea, the iFit Sleep Hr is a sensor filled disk placed under your mattress, as it gathers data about your sleep. Not fitted with a battery, the device has to be plugged in all night and synced to your phone via Bluetooth, all night. Boasting helpful data and graphs, the sensor can optimally time your alarms to wake you from light sleep by vibrating your mattress. What money you will have saved in purchasing the Sleep Hr, you’re bound to spend in electricity, as you tether both your sensor pad and phone into the wall. If you and your partner wish to collect the data, you’ll need 2 sensors, that’s 4 chargers running through the night, every night. While I have no doubt their studies yielded positive results and that there are useful advantages to this product, I am sure consumers won’t enjoy the negative results iFit’s sleep tracker energy usage is bound to have on their energy bills.