Travel writer, Mollie, summarises the top essential sights to see if visiting Venice

Final year English Language and Literature student.
Images by Mollie Johnson

Gondola ride

A gondola ride is a classic and unmissable experience when visiting Venice, with a combination of small, backstreet routes away from the Grand Canal and the more popular routes past the Rialto Bridge and other attractions. The set price when in Venice is €80 per gondola. This might seem quite steep, which is why I have an alternative! You can book online in advance for a smaller price… the only downside to this is that you may have to share with other people, with a maximum number of people per gondola being six. If you wait around and grab the last gondola for your time slot, however, you may be able to get one for just you and your party – thus paying less for the same, unforgettable experience.


Mark’s Basilica

The cathedral church in St Mark’s Square is 43 metres high and breath-taking, with its combined Gothic and Byzantine architecture. The basilica represents the wealth of Venice at its peak of power and is definitely a ‘must see’ with its miles of gold mosaics inside. Although free to enter, you can pay €5 to access the museum which houses artefacts such as the horse statue war prizes which were taken when the city state of Venice sacked Constantinople. By paying for the museum, you can also access the balcony which overlooks St Mark’s Square and the Venetian lagoon.

St Mark’s Campanile

The campanile is one of the most recognisable symbols of the city of Venice and stands in St Mark’s Square. The bell tower was built on Roman foundations in the initial 9th-century construction and was rebuilt in 1912 after it had been destroyed by the fall of the campanile. For €8 you take a lift 60m high and are greeted by beautiful, panoramic view: The red rooftops of the city, the Venetian islands dotted across the lagoon and a bird’s eye view of the Basilica… Just make sure you don’t forget your camera!