Social enterprises trade to tackle social problems and reinvest their profits back into the business and the local community.

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From the Big Issue to the Eden Project, social enterprises are all around us and are changing the world for the better through trade. Here are five of the best that Birmingham has to offer:

1: Project Aspie (@projectaspie)

Founded by Graeme Croton, Project Aspie is an award-winning social enterprise with the mission of helping people with Asperger’s Syndrome live healthy and independent lives. Project Aspie is run “by an Aspie for Aspies”, with Croton’s late diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome at age twenty-five motivating him to help others with the condition.


GINA, which stands for Grow, Inspire, Nurture and Achieve, offers support for people affected by rape and sexual abuse. With a board of directors boasting 41 years of combined experience working with survivors of sexual abuse, GINA runs enterprising workshops to increase survivors’ confidence in their own abilities to achieve their potential.

3: Approachable Parenting (@5PillarsParent)

Approachable Parenting draws upon Islamic and psychological principles to provide Muslim families living in the UK with guidance and techniques for raising children. These principles are applied through pre-marriage workshops, marriage guidance courses and one-to-one parent coaching sessions, helping families to improve their understanding of each other in a safe, friendly environment.

4: Evolve (@Evolve_Impact)

Evolve works with schools, headteachers and teachers all over the country to support classroom learning, promote physical activity and help students achieve happiness and fulfilment. This is achieved through programmes run by qualified health mentors, such as the School Vitality Initiative, which comprise full day activities complete with fun and interactive workshops involving the whole school community.

5: Co-Wheels Birmingham (@Co_wheels_Brum)

With community car clubs in Stirchley, Bournville and more, Co-Wheels Birmingham offers a pay-as-you-go service for low emission hybrid and electric cars. Co-wheels’ cars are available 24/7 and cost just £4.50 an hour after an initial, one-off membership fee of £25, providing a flexible, eco-friendly service for Brum road users.