Heather Langdale has hunted down the best indulgent Easter Eggs, from the affordable to the incredibly eggs-pensive

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Fancy splashing the cash at Easter this year? Got a loved one who deserves a treat? Or perhaps you’re sick of buying bags of Malteasers to get you through that dissertation and want to go all out? Here’s our pick of the best luxury Easter eggs available this year.

chokablock eggChokablok Banoffee Bonanza Egg, 300g, £5, available at Tesco.

For when plain old chocolate Easter eggs are just a little too boring, Chokablok have pulled out all the stops to create this masterpiece. The shell is thick Belgian milk chocolate decorated with swirls of white chocolate and embedded with banana chips and chewy toffee pieces. And the fun doesn’t end there: open it up and you’ll find even more banana and toffee in the centre. At only £5, this is an absolute steal and is sure to wow anyone who receives it, all the while staying within that all-important student budget.

Waitrose Heston Golden Chocolate Egg, 365g, £20, Waitrose. waitrose egg

No luxury list would be complete without an entry from Heston at Waitrose. Think dark chocolate shell filled with six chocolate mini eggs with a mandarin ganache filling huddled up in a vanilla-flavoured nest and you’ve got this Heston creation.  But what’s more luxury than that? An edible gold dust coating giving it that Faberge feeling, that’s what.

fudge brownie eggMilk Chocolate Fudge Brownie Easter Egg, 338g, £10, Thorntons.

Thorntons have managed to find a way to make chocolate brownies even better, by embedding them in this milk chocolate egg. It is described as one for “the sweet-toothed fudge lovers” out there and they’re not wrong. The front of the egg is laden with granola and real vanilla fudge pieces. If that wasn’t enough, it comes paired with a selection of Thorntons chocolates. It’s currently on offer for £10 so snap it up now before they’re all gone!


The Chocolate Society Dark Chocolate Monochrome Egg, 230g, £29.99, available at Selfrimonochrome eggdges.

One for the fashionistas, this monochrome egg comes in either black or white and is certainly a unique choice. The egg pictured is 62% dark chocolate, cut by hand and dotted with holes, and then topped in a layer of white chocolate. This is then coloured with black cocoa butter for a matte finish, and is accompanied by chocolate and gianduja-covered roasted caramelised hazelnuts. Its packaging is as chic as the egg itself and makes a delicious and unconventional gift.

classic ostrich eggThe Classic Ostrich Egg, 1.1kg, £75, Hotel Chocolat.

Leave it to Hotel Chocolat to create something as egg-stravagant as this (I tried to resist the pun, really). They took 27 caramels, pralines, and other chocolates, covered them with an extra thick shell, of which half is 40% milk chocolate with puffed rice and cookies while the other half is 50% milk chocolate and crisp feuilletine, put it in a box and sold it to us for a price that you definitely shouldn’t tell your dad about. The good news is that at 1.1kg, it’s basically a long-term investment, and it’s even factually accurate, as they measured a real ostrich egg for dimensions before designing it. Now where’s that student loan?