Rosie Twells examines the top five reasons why you should have your finger on the latest sporting app, Dribble, just in time for the Champions League

Online Sport Editor and third year BA English student
Images by Yousif Al-Dujaili

The Champions League second legs kick off this week and it’s looking likely to be another fierce set of matches as the eight teams battle it out to secure their place in the semi-final. So picture the scene, you’re on the sofa ready to watch the game, cup of tea in your favourite mug in one hand, phone in the other scrolling through BBC Sport for the pre-match coverage. Wait, did someone say BBC? Surely you mean Dribble, the first five-a-side fantasy football app to be released in the UK. If you’re scratching your head in wonder at what this amazing app is, you can read all about it in an interview conducted with one of the head members of the company here. In the meantime, check out the top five reasons why Dribble is shooting and scoring in the app world…

  1. It’s super quick and super easy to start
The five-a-side element, as opposed to the standard eleven found on other platforms, ensures that Dribble is up to speed with the hustle and bustle of modern app playing. Picking your team in two minutes means some decisions can be made on instinct and allow for players to be picked in lightning fast time.
    2.  Play for points or play for money
The flexibility that Dribble offers is like no other fantasy football game. Play for points against friends or to boost your own position of the global leaderboard. Play for money provides that competitive edge and a chance to show your friends you really are the Mourinho master when it comes to picking your tactics.
    3.  Daily matches give more flexibility
Dribble won’t see you committed to season-long time periods. If you don’t fancy the Champions League games on the 12th April, play the matches on 13th instead! By having the choice which games you want to play in and when, Dribble puts the choice directly in the users hands and allows them total control of the app.
    4.  Mobile means anywhere and anytime
At the pub and twiddling your thumbs over a pint? Pick a game whilst watching Athletico attempt an unlikely comeback against Barcelona. Or if Spanish football isn’t your thing, why not get a game in fifteen minutes before kick-off if you fancy Aguero to snatch a late winner against Paris Saint Germain?
    5.  Strike partnership works a treat
A partnership with Verge 90, who power the “news” section, ensures that Dribble are looking for a minimal top-table finish this season. They are basically the ultimate platform online to help fantasy football users, including Dribble supporters, to pick the best players, and get an edge over their rivals. Verge90 combines top picks for each game week from their resident football experts with tips on how to be the best fantasy player you can. As the news section is exclusively Verge90 content, Dribble players get a much deeper and tactical experience whilst still keeping the game quick and sharp – it’s the best of both worlds!
Dribble is available for download in the app store here