Take a five minute break from revision with these four relaxing websites, and an app that will make sure you get back to it soon!

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Silk1. Silk (http://weavesilk.com/)

A lovely site for any creative types out there, Silk lets you create beautiful patterns using a brush, which draws with wisps of silk. It’s a great distraction for a few minutes of  a revision break, when you’re hoping for something a little more creative to do than revising. You can even change the colours or symmetries to create the pattern you want.

Tone Matrix 2. Tone Matrix (http://tonematrix.audiotool.com/)

More into music than art? Tone Matrix might be the website for you. This website presents you with a grid of squares, from which you can choose which squares to click on and colour in. Each square represents a different note, and as you colour more in, they join together to create a tune. You can even use the squares to write out words, and see what kind of tune plays!

3. The Thoughts Room (http://thequietplaceproject.com/thethoughtsroom/)

The Thoughts Room is a great website if you’re feeling really stressed out, or as if everything’s getting on top of you. It plays calming music, while you can type any thoughts, feelings, problems, ideas – basically anything you want – and you watch them all fade away in front of your very eyes.

sand4. Sand (http://thisissand.com/)

Another interactive and creative site, Sand lets you create landscapes with multi-coloured sand. Some people find the sound of the falling sand calming, while the sand creates strange landscapes and mountain ranges, all out of purple, green, orange or any-coloured sand.

5. Forest: Stay Focused, Be Present

forestAnd if your problem is that you can’t stop taking breaks, there’s an app for that too! Forest: Stay Focused, Be Present, which you can find on the Apple Store for 79p, is an app designed to prevent you from using your phone, with the aim of increasing your productivity. It’s perfect for anyone who can’t stop checking Facebook when they’re supposed to be revising. The unique thing about the app is that instead of simply blocking social media apps or sites, it motivates you to stay off your phone by growing a tree on-screen. As you revise, the tree grows, but if you leave the app, the tree will wither and die. As you built up your forest, you can see a physical representation of how much time you’ve spent revising.