Who says watching endless films from the comfort of your own bed isn’t a viable hangover cure? Check out Lucy’s Top Three Hangover Films!

Written by Redbrick Film

Frances Ha
frances_haInstead of a sensory overload, Frances Ha cushions the senses so as not to exacerbate the raging headache and nausea. Filmed in black and white to emulate the cinematography of Manhattan Frances Ha allows you to relax into the unfolding story of twenty something Frances Halladay who longs to be a dancer. Her failing career and strained relationships are lamented but Frances never despairs, in fact she embraces life. The soundtrack brings her passion for life to the fore with great tracks by David Bowie and The Rolling Stones. By the end of the film, you feel great and so does Frances. An uplifting film that takes on life and wins.



Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry PotterI am not ashamed to say that this is my favourite of the Harry Potter franchise and a staple of my DVD collection especially when I want a cosy film that doesn’t ask too much of my brain. It has great lines that stand out as cringe epitaphs of the three main protagonists childhood acting. The wonderful charm of Richard Harris as the first Dumbledore casts a spell on you and you are thereby sucked into the magic. This is all really helpful when you want to forget that you are hungover and can’t move to even go to the toilet – escapism at its best.




The Godfather

GodfatherThis iconic film is great to watch when you are happy to sit down without moving for three hours. Perfect, then, for that hangover which needs to be satiated by Italian-American gangsters talking really quietly and really slowly – yet still with a menacing tone. The story of the film is gripping – In fact I would happily have a hangover just so I had the time to sit down and watch The Godfather again (although I would urge you just to watch the film when you have time rather than getting drunk to do so!)



Lucy Mounfield