In the wake of the new teaser trailer, Roshni Patel breaks down the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailers.

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Famed to be one of the superhero events of the year, Batman vs Superman is the next chapter in the new DC Extended Universe. And similar to Marvel’s Civil War, there will be consequences for past destruction.

Enter Batman, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), the man who lost almost everything when Zod (Michael Shannon) attacked Metropolis, his tower in ruins, with dozens of his employees killed. Furious at Superman (Henry Cavill), he fights for vengeance against an opponent he could never hope to beat. With several fights to look forward to, there’s bound to be some more of Snyder’s well directed edge-of-your-seat sequences, with more Bat toys than you can shake a stick at.  But alas, he doesn’t seem to have any Kryptonite in his suit, so how he hopes to truly harm Superman is anyone’s guess. Supported by Alfred (Jeremy Irons) and taunted by the Joker’s cruel messages, Affleck’s Batman will be stark change to Christian Bale’s Batman from Nolan’s Dark Knight series.

Next up under the trailer microscope is Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), the superhero we’ve all been waiting decades for. Finally, she has a cinematic outing and the feminists are going wild, as she’s cast as the tough, self-dependant Amazonian warrior we all know and love. She’s seen saving Batman, fighting beside them in the trailers and generally looking badass, with her shockwave bracers on her wrists and lasso of truth on her hips. Rest assured, while she makes her debut in Dawn of Justice, her feature film is in production, with more film stills soon to be leaked to the internet.

Of course, let’s not forget Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), with his glossy locks, glowing Kryptonite and wry sense of humour. He’s seen in the trailers in various stages from the film, from the rich host who compliments Clark Kent’s handshake to the evil villain who’s having Mercy Graves (Tau Okamoto) wheel in Zod’s corpse and cackling out an evil monologue to Lois Lane (Amy Adams). It’s clear that he wants Superman dead and may very well have created Doomsday, the trailer monster, who seems to have some of Superman’s characteristics and is hungry for hero flesh.

With release of almost all of the trailers, along with a 50 second teaser, which showed angry Superman unmask Batman, this film is shaping up to be a good one. Whilst the underlying battle is really just a jaded Batman against Superman’s moral compass, this film is more than this skirmish and will carry on the story which was started in Man of Steel. Hopefully, it will establish new characters and plots to be continued in the DC Extended Universe, which will not only feature a Wonder Woman film, but films for Suicide Squad, Justice League, Flash and Aquaman to name a few.