Slated as one of the biggest films of 2017, Film shares their opinions on the latest trailer for Justice League

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Well here it is, after a couple of months of Warner Bros’ hype machine grinding its gears we have the first trailer for Justice League. As a massive comic book fan I found DC’s recent ventures Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad nothing short of diabolical, so I expected to despise this trailer from the very first second. However it was worse than I expected: I had absolutely no reaction to it. The truth is this movie has no draw. Unlike 2012’s Avengers Assemble most of these characters we haven’t seen before. Sure maybe Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg will be perfectly cast but I feel no desire to rush to see them in action. Arch-hack Zach Snyder has already proven to me that he fundamentally doesn’t grasp both the character of Batman and the fundamentals of story-telling so I’m not looking forward to watching him clumsily course-correct. I hope the upcoming solo Wonder Woman film will break the mould so I’ve suspended my judgement on her for now but observing the visuals in this trailer (the same depressing colour palette and poor CGI as BvS) I have a nagging suspicion that this film will just be a step backwards anyway. Ah well. 

By Patrick Box – Film Writer

As a comic fan of Marvel and DC, I can’t help but wish nothing but success for this film. It’s clear that DC/Warner Bros. are trying something different, and Justice League will be a breath of fresh air from Marvel Studios’ sometimes exhausting attempt at humour. The cast is phenomenal. Ben Affleck (Batman) is once again joined by Gal Gadot, a Wonder Woman worthy of Lynda Carter. Ray Fisher is aesthetically pleasing as Cyborg. Cyborg may be lesser known but he is not without his share of emotional tragedy. Jason Momoa looks physically imposing as Aquaman, and Ezra Miller demonstrates his quirkiness as the Flash. The most obvious omission in the trailer is that of the Man of Steel. After the events of Batman vs Superman, fans are still left in the dark. Visually, the CGI looks solid and certainly screams Watchmen. You can say what you want about Zack Snyder but his prowess in displaying the grit and darkness of comic characters is unparalleled. The trailer promises plenty of intense action high doses of Synder’s emotional bleakness. Personally, I savour the more serious depiction of comic book characters. Cheerful and happy-go-lucky heroes? Scrap that. Embrace the dark side.

By Johndy Surio – Film Writer

Batman v Superman was not a good movie. It had its moments but did not work as a coherent whole. The same is true for Suicide Squad. But these 2016 DC disasters have something else in common: fast, fun, well-received trailers that deceived their audiences like an optical illusion. The new Justice League trailer promises ‘Justice For All’ to a fantastic soundtrack and flashes of character drama and epic-scale battles. As promised, it seems there’s more humour here than in Batfleck’s last outing and – to director Zack Snyder’s credit – we’re clearly getting a more liberal portion of the breath-taking, vividly-realised, comic-inspired action that Batman v Superman had in shamefully short supply. It’s easy to see how a forgiving fanboy could agree with this trailer’s 94% YouTube approval rating. Despite potential improvements, however; I do not. A horseback Bruce Wayne may be a cool reference to Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, but its odd inclusion here is indicative of Snyder’s belief that stringing together enough cool references makes a great superhero movie. This trailer, too, is an optical illusion. If you peer through its cocky taglines, over-confident gags and jovial music, you can just about see the terrible movie lurking beneath.

By Todd Waugh Ambridge – Film Writer

When you consider the track record of the burgeoning DCEU thus far, any vague hint towards optimism towards Justice League seems naive

When you consider the track record of the burgeoning DCEU thus far, any vague hint towards optimism towards Justice League seems naive. My biggest apprehension going into this film is director Zack Snyder and this trailer has done little to alleviate my fears. To its credit, everything looks suitably grandiose and cool, as if the shots were pulled from the wet dream of an angsty, adolescent comic book fan. However, this trailer is indicative of my biggest problem with Warner Bros/DC’s latest batch of superhero films. What makes Captain America: Civil War so great is that beyond all the larger than life action, the story of the men behind the masks is told, it humanises the inhuman. Snyder seems far more interested in the myth and the god-like nature of these characters and glorifies them, including their various flaws and faults, and essentially makes them rock stars (cue heavy metal cover of a Beatles’ song…). My favourite moment in this trailer is a one second glimpse at a moment where Barry Allen visits his father in prison. I would trade all the fetishized slow motion in the world for more moments like that. My plea to Justice League is this; put the “hero” back in the superhero film, because the “super” has taken over.

By Alex McDonald – Film Editor

I like DC’s attitude. Specifically their utter lack of integrity. They saw what Marvel had accomplished with their universe, fleshing out each part of it until it all fit together seamlessly, and they’ve thought nah we’ll just set them up in Batman V Superman‘s cut scene and then roll out the team out in the next film. It’s a welcome break from Marvel’s tedious solo-movie world building, and on the evidence of this trailer will be just as enjoyable. The new characters, with the exception of the Flash who I just don’t get, all look decent and with Superman to come it will more than match anything the Avengers can serve up. The tone is suitably DC, there’s not much sun in the trailer and all the action looks apocalyptic, but at least it’s not another trademark MCU sky battle… Cautiously optimistic.

By John James – Film Writer