With the release of the new trailer for Star Wars the Last Jedi, Redbrick Film assembles to share their opinions

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Our reviewers are responding to the most recent trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Luis Freijo – Film Contributor

Do you hear that? Do you feel it? The storm, the thunder, the noise, the “sound and fury”, like the Poet said, that surround us? It seems that the only way major studios have found to advertise their movies involves massive campaigns, media performances and an excessive amount of trailers for the same film. Disney has become a ruthless expert in this, and they feed the hype relentlessly with their Marvel and Star Wars features. Even when Rian Johnson says: “Don’t watch the trailer”, he means: “Watch the trailer and come to watch the movie”. Let’s just remember the words that followed the “sound and fury” verse: “meaning nothing”. That’s what the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer means. It doesn’t tell anything, it doesn’t build anything. Its function is merely to remind us that we have an engagement in December with Luke Skywalker and company. The only important thing is the film, everything else is just marketing.

Phoebe Christofi – Film Contributor

In 1980, my parents went on their first date to see the Empire Strikes Back. Naturally, the Star Wars series holds a special place in my heart, because if the movie was awful, or my mother had had an awful time, I wouldn’t be here today. Something else that holds a special place in my heart is Han Solo, and despite his allegedly (I say allegedly, there’s always hope) being killed in the last movie, the new trailer looks insane regardless.

The last scene showing Kylo Ren holding his hand out to someone honestly made a chill go down my spine

The last scene showing Kylo Ren holding his hand out to someone honestly made a chill go down my spine. Likewise, with Mark Hamill stating, “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.” STOP IT. I’M FEELING! This new trailer makes me anxious for what’s to come, and with three months to go, it’s too long to wait

Megan Whitehouse – Film Contributor 

In all honesty I wasn’t a huge fan of The Force Awakens. I didn’t hate it, not at all, but I just didn’t really care about it. It all felt so unnecessary. There was no real story to be told, it was just another two hours of what we’ve seen before six times over and to be honest that’s all I’m expecting from The Last Jedi after watching this trailer. The obligatory ‘fulfil your destiny’ line makes an appearance, sigh, lots of pained stares into the distance oh and the introduction of a new creature, the oh so adorable Porg, which I’m sure will make as much in merchandising as Baby Groot did for Guardians of the Galaxy. 

I’m just feeling slightly indifferent and uninspired by the thought of yet another outing in the Star Wars universe

It’s nice that Mark Hamill has some lines this time around though, I’m sorry but what on earth was the point of his existence in The Force Awakens? Adam Driver looks on form as the tortured brooding antagonist and I’m pleased they’ve included some kind of interaction with Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia this time around. Overall though I’m just feeling slightly indifferent and uninspired by the thought of yet another outing in the Star Wars universe, having said that though I’ll still watch it when it when it comes out, just like every other individual on the planet.

Todd Waugh Ambridge- Film Contributor 

While J.J. Abrams had the tremendous pressure of rebooting Star Wars, it is Rian Johnson who shoulders the burden of pushing the franchise in to new ground. The Force Awakens was allowed to play it safe, but The Last Jedi needs to be something more than a nostalgia-driven flick. And it looks like he’s going to pull it off. This trailer does exactly what it needs to do. All the characters are here, but there’s a focus on the new – a feeling that we’ll see more of Snoke, Poe and Captain Phasma than Chewie, Leia and R2-D2.

The Last Jedi needs to be something more than a nostalgia-driven flick

Now, I’m not a long time Star Wars fan, so this appeals to me a lot more than a load of easy “look who’s back” shots. The sense I get is that Johnson wants to spend more time building these new characters, and this new world, than Abrams did. But there’s one problem: the last shot. Trailers are notorious for being both misleading and spoiler-ific as of late. The jury is out as to which this shot is, but it’s just such a cheap move in either case. It’s a shame, because up until this I thought this was a fantastic preview.

Patrick Box- Film Editor

Now I’m potentially the last person on the planet who still loves The Force Awakens, therefore anything relating to more Star Wars should be THE most important thing in my World for a solid 48 hours. That being said it was surprising how uninspired I felt after watching this trailer. Lucasfilm and Disney’s approach to marketing is to give as little information away as possible, and whilst this has the desired effect of combating spoilers, it makes the whole exercise rather pointless. People were sold on this film regardless, such is the power of the Star Wars brand.

I'm potentially the last person on the planet who still loves The Force Awakens

Sure there are some cool-looking moments (doubling-down on the character of Kylo Ren, Luke being a grumpy teacher, things, excitement, explosions, Porgs I guess), but we’ve seen a million trailers like this for a million other films before. Maybe it’s the fact that the novelty of new Star Wars has worn off slightly since 2015, or the incredibly deceptive marketing campaign utilised by Disney for last years disappointing Rogue One, but this form of marketing by solely drip-feeding out-of-context scenes of action is growing stale fast. That being said I’ve already bought my tickets, but then again I would have done so without any trailer at all.

John James- Film Editor 

5 things Redbrick Film learned from Star Wars Trailer

1) Mark Hamill is in this film: Featuring heavily in the trailer is Luke Skywalker, a popular Star Wars character. The trailer put pay to months of speculation as to whether the film would adhere to any form of narrative continuity. This is indeed a sequel to ‘The Force Awakens’.

2) The Film is set in a dystopian Space world: The events unfolding in the series so far have largely differed from the actual Star War conflict of the early noughties, and this adventure continues that trend. While the series is an exciting take on the subject, we can’t help feeling some more respect could be paid to the actual heroes who gave their lives for Jupiter.

3) The film has a glaringly insensitive attitude to burn victims: In one deeply troubling scene in a space NHS ward a young man is seen cowering in fear of a poor old man whose face looks like a melted pizza. I don’t care what year the film is set guys, It’s 2017.

4) #Galaxysowhite

5) Pokémon are in this film: In one cut scene an Ice Fox is glimpsed that bears more than a striking resemblance to the Pokemon Ninetales, commonly found in the Johto region. The internet has subsequently exploded with speculation as to whether Star Wars takes place within the Pokémon universe and if it does, would that make Brock a grey Jedi?