As we prepare to leave the January dump month behind, Redbrick Film looks at some of the latest trailer releases.

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Because there weren’t enough films called ‘Pandemic’ already. Films shot entirely in POV shots are obnoxious; found footage is acceptable. Cloverfield and The Blair Witch Project worked because they were horror, but this isn’t even POV done properly, because it’s not at head height. This is trying so hard to look like a first person video game, and in those the camera is in your chest. Even if the zombie apocalypse hadn’t been done to death and the story of this wasn’t as uninteresting as it first appears, even then I don’t think I could sit through this, because of the nausea I would get from hours of god awful camera angles. You know why videogames get away with silent protagonists in first person? Because you control them. In a film, I need some emotional connection to the lead to be able to empathise. Nobody is going to connect to a character because there’s a camera in their ribcage.



Camino, from the Latin camminus, meaning way, stars Zoe Bell, most notable as Tarantino’s go to female stuntwoman. This trailer feels like its lacking something; it seems to be going for an action style in the trailer, while extolling itself as a thriller. The action all seems underwhelming, far too slow to have any impact and it fails to ‘show hits twice’. Is this going to be Kill Bill style action on action, or is it going to have a message and a story of redemption? From here it looks like neither. The lighting is also very flat and unimpressive, not to mention the desaturated scenes which must be trying to make those look like night-time – but that is not the way to do it. And the stuttering is for the trailer, I must imagine, because if it’s in the final product that is shameful. I hope this is better than its trailer makes it look.



Millefeuille is a type of French layer cake; Millefeuille the film is a 22 minute film about Élodie, played by Anne Parillaud of La Femme Nikita, the ultimate ‘girls with guns’ film. Élodie, a French patissiere moves to England after the progression of her psoriasis. This film somehow manged to catch my eye. Perhaps it’s the promise of a mature story about a mature subject from new upcoming production staff and a veteran actress. Psoriasis makes a fascinating story subject: handled best by The Singing Detective (the Dennis Potter tv series, not the Robert Downey Jr. film which was a disgrace), and anything that reminds me of that gets a look in. Maybe in less than half an hour this won’t be able to tell much of a story, or maybe it will be able to break expectations in that respect. The trailer itself is softly lit, warm and gentle. I really like it, and it definitely got me interested in this film.

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Bollywood is once again turning its attention towards western literary classics with an adaptation of Dickens’ Great Expectations. Abhishek Kapoor (see 2008 hit Rock On!!) transports the tale to a gorgeously shot Kashmir, where Pip becomes Noor – a physically sculpted, emotionally tormented artist (faint Ethan Hawke in 1998 Great Expectations vibe) trying to woo his muse, Firdaus. This production’s Miss Havisham (Tabu) seems to be the real star; she is beautiful and charmingly venomous. Tabu is also no stranger to bringing classical literary women to the Indian cinema screen, including a scene stealing performance as Gertrude for Vishal Bhardwaj’s stunning Shakespeare trilogy. Aditya Roy Kapoor is definitely a star on the rise, and this marks his first appearance alongside popular Bollywood heroine Katrina Kaif. The chemistry between the two leads can seem stilted at times, but if there is one thing that Bollywood knows how to do, it is romance – it has the potential to bring something beautiful and opulent to the timeless classic.

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Deadpool’s feature film is almost here and to tide us over for the last few days, FOX kindly released an extra trailer. One that was even funnier than the first. Where the original ComicCon trailer was all action and little dialogue, this trailer reveals all, with scenes from the film and Wade Wilson’s (Ryan Reynolds) 4th wall monologue. Unlike the original trailer which gave very little away, this trailer almost tells us too much, from Ajax’s (Ed Skerein) real intentions to what becomes of Wade’s girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). In this trailer, all the main cast get a handful of scenes to introduce themselves and their intentions, much like how most second trailers do. But while I don’t doubt I will still enjoy the film, I would have much prefered if they’d played a few more cards closer to the chest.

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