Train to Teach offers an exciting new scheme to help develop the capacity of those who undertake teaching as their chosen profession

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We all aspire to careers which will enable us to feel that we’re changing the world. And with teaching, perhaps this is possible, one child at a time.

Across the UK there are approximately 454.9 thousand teachers in state-funded schools. And if the National College for Teaching and Leadership is to be believed; over three-quarters (77%) of teachers have enjoyed a ‘goosebumps’ moment – a moment where they feel an intrinsic pride in doing their job, and that these moments make the stress of teaching worth it. 

Teaching is a unique career that can provide unrivalled amounts of pride, sense of achievement and rewarding opportunities. It’s an amazing feeling when something clicks for a pupil for the very first time - moments like this can give you real goosebumps - Roger Pope, Chair of the NCTL

The rewards to teaching are high; as you travel with your students on their learning journey and make a tangible difference in their lives and that eureka moment where a child finally understands your lessons, many teachers cite is the reason they stay. Don’t we all have that one teacher with whom we look upon fondly in our memories? Maybe it was their encouragement that led you to study what you do now, maybe they’re the ones you turned to when you felt you couldn’t turn to your friends or families. Whatever the reasoning, the majority of those who go into teaching (80%) cite that they wanted to teach because they enjoy working with people, whilst another 75% cite wanting to make a difference as their main motivation, according to the ATL (Association of Teachers and Lectures).

231011361_4a4a257a60And now, the NCTL provides a comprehensive programme of support to help assist aspiring teachers, providing them guidance  through the application process. In addition, there are now tax-free bursaries and scholarships are now available in a range of subjects. Trainees in physics and other sciences can receive a bursary or scholarship of up to £30,000 whilst training, and scholarships up to £27,500 are available for chemistry, computing, geography, maths and modern foreign languages.

So, if you’re a final year and interested, then on the 19th of November, a government body which trains teachers, Train to Teach, will be hosting a free event whereby they will highlight the ways and manners in which you can get your foot into teaching, and (vitally) how to apply for training in their area. Pre registration is needed, but you can also register on the day!

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