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The Evolution of the Animated Series

The Return of Alan Partridge

Reaction: RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Announced for 2019

Review: Mrs Wilson

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    Why You Must Stop Everything and Watch Fleabag

    TV Editor Morgana Chess praises Fleabag's astounding comedic genius and ability to frankly and honestly depict millennial life

    Written by Morgana Chess on 18th May 2019


    The Evolution of the Animated Series

    From Mickey Mouse to Rick and Morty, Amrita Mande looks back at the history of animated TV and asks where it's going next

    Written by Amrita Mande on 4th April 2019


    Reaction: RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Announced for 2019

    Redbrick's Nicola Maclean discusses whether a UK spin-off of the hit US reality show is likely to be a success

    Written by Nicola Maclean on 25th March 2019


    The Best Book-to-TV Adaptations

    TV Critic Nicola Maclean counts down her favourite shows that have been translated from the pages of books to our TV screens

    Written by Nicola Maclean on 21st March 2019


    Netflix Algorithms: How they Keep you Binge-ing

    Morgana Chess looks into how the streaming giant is engineering our TV addictions

    Written by Morgana Chess on 19th March 2019


    Simply the Best: Why We Should All Watch Schitt’s Creek

    TV Critic Rebekah Birch is pleased that the show is finally getting the credit she believes it deserves

    Written by Rebekah Birch on 18th March 2019


    TV’s Best and Worst On-Screen Couples

    TV Critic Catrin Osborne picks out the best and worst relationships that are gracing our television screens

    Written by Catrin Osborne on 27th February 2019


    TV Throwback: 2009

    As the 10 year challenge is circulates social media, TV Editor Morgana Chess takes a look back at what was gracing our screens back in 2009

    Written by Morgana Chess on 26th February 2019


    Simply Adorkable

    TV Editor Jessica Green takes us through TV's most relatable Girl-Nerds

    Written by Jessica Green on 21st February 2019


    Crushing on a Killer: The Inappropriate Response to The Ted Bundy Tapes

    TV Critic Holly Pittaway explores Netflix's latest problematic fave, and the trend that sees viewers swooning over serial killers

    Written by Holly Pittaway on 21st February 2019


    The Five Netflix Originals You Need to Watch

    Food Editor Emily Calder picks the best of Netflix's most popular original series, so you don't have to

    Written by Emily Calder on 20th February 2019


    Most Anticipated TV of 2019

    Whilst a whole year of great TV lies ahead of us, TV Editor Niamh Brennan narrows down the 2019 highlights that you really don't want to miss

    Written by Niamh Brennan on 29th January 2019
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