Imogen Mellor reports on breaking news that Muirhead Tower is scheduled for demolition in 2020

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Editor’s Note: anyone reading this article after April 1st should take note of the date of publication before trusting this article as a reliable source of information

Muirhead Tower, the beloved home of many political and social science departments, will be demolished in 2020, the University has announced.

The looming nature of Muirhead makes relaxation impossible for students

The University of Birmingham recently stated their interest in expanding their already wildly successful ‘Green Heart’ project in the centre of campus with the knocking down of Muirhead Tower. University officials and sponsors had recently raised their concerns when they discussed that fact that Muirhead would overshadow the ‘Green Heart’ and potentially subtract from the overall message the university was trying to push with this new space. These concerns have been taken on board by the University and they have confirmed that the demolition of Muirhead Tower will begin in 2020.

A spokesperson explained the decision to remove the iconic building. ‘Initially, we thought that the open green space couldn’t be affected so heavily by it [Muirhead Tower]. The Green Heart is intended to be a calming space for students to relax and enjoy while going about their business at the University. We came to realise however, that the looming nature of Muirhead made relaxation impossible for students and so have decided that Muirhead will be demolished in 2020’

Muirhead Tower was originally opened in 1971, and named after the University’s first Professor of Philosophy, John Henry Muirhead. In 2009 it was refurbished and reopened with a new stylish interior and exterior, much to the student body’s delight, and has been accredited as being a main draw of inspiration for many Architecture students at the University.

Muirhead Tower 3
An artist’s impression of UOB’s Green Heart after Muirhead Tower’s demolition

There are some students however, planning to protest the demolition, with concerns for the Social Science and Politics departments that are held within the building. The University has not yet made an official statement about where these departments will go, but it is rumoured that the Old Gymnasium will hold at least 50% of Academics currently working in Muirhead.

There are still ongoing developments with these plans and it will be interesting to see what the University’s next move is.