Harriet Ellis’ eye-roll has gone viral after she appeared in the audience for Channel 4’s Brexit debate

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Nigel Farage said that Theresa May is delivering a ‘Remainer’s Brexit’, which provoked Harriet to deliver the ‘greatest eye-roll of 2018,’ according to Guardian and Observer journalist Hannah Jane Parkinson.

Harriet told Redbrick: ‘I didn’t even realise I was doing it until after when someone came up to me and asked me if I’d checked my phone.’

‘The weirdest thing was when JK Rowling liked the Tweet!’ she added.

Harriet told us that she thought Farage’s comment was ‘completely untrue’. She argues that ‘Remainers aren’t happy with what’s going on, so how could that be a “Remainer’s Brexit?”’

Harriet Ellis is a University of Birmingham student and attended the event with her friend. When asked why she wanted to be part of the audience, she told us: ‘I’m trying to say yes to more things this year, so I thought why not!’

‘Brexit: What the Nation Really Thinks’ aired on Channel 4 on Monday night, with speakers including Justice Secretary David Gauke and the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas. However, Harriet’s eye-roll seems to have gained the most attention.

Harriet agrees that the debate was good, ‘but clearly not that interesting if my eye-roll is the main take away from the night!’

Channel 4 revealed the results of the biggest ever independent Brexit opinion poll during the show. 54% of those surveyed said that they would vote Remain if the 2016 referendum were held tomorrow.

The poll was conducted by Survation, who interviewed 20,000 people across the UK from 20 October to 2 November.

Harriet said that the results of the poll were ‘super interesting’, admitting that she would vote Leave if she had the chance, because ‘we’ve got to respect the will of the people’.

Harriet has ‘been interested in politics for as long as [she] can remember’. She is a Classical Literature and Civilisation student at UoB.