Battleground states too close to call

“Obama’s rally to #StayInLine” writes @AshleyKirk92 –…
The fact that there are 65,000 tweets a minute shows the importance of social media

Whats the point?

Romney: desperate. Obama: confident.

The fluctuating numbers of which candidate is ahead, as yet, means nothing.
From instant reactions and commentary, to interactive graphics and visualisations, the team are going all-out.
Top 4 shared/commented terms on Facebook in the US today are: vote, Obama, Romney and election (Source:…)
The phenomena that is Romnesia has been allowed to exist by refusing to look beyond the shiny surface of what the Republican candidate is promising.
Obama has disappointed, Romney hasn’t impressed. The country is bitterly divided.
US elections 2012 – exclusive interview with Mark Mardell…